Spiritual Sex II – Lifetimes of Healing

Journey into the Heart of Transformation, feeling the echoes of Lifetimes emerging in the Alchemy of Tantra, sensing the deeper Currents, and staying Present through them All to find the Source of All Love. Let this Sonic Landscape cradle you in your chrysalis, and let yourself surrender in Trust to the Imaginal wellspring which leaves no part of you behind… As Gaia herself, each of us are a biosphere, each of our cells dancing in the rhythm of our inner Song. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. As we accept ourselves, we accept the world. As we acknowledge ourselves, we acknowledge the world. Surrender to the place within that knows to the Core that we are Safe, we are Blessed, and we will make Peace, as we find it within.

This mix is in honor of my Beloved Soul Family. Those who have chosen to be here on Earth in this time, to face these changes with Courage, and to stand for the Principles that bring lasting Love to All Our Relations. May we be beacons of Truth, and take no story for granted… May we see through the tangles of deception, and unravel the spells which have lingered from the traumas of the Past. May we remember what true Justice, Honor, Truth, Love, Respect, Peace, and Joy feel like, and let them guide us in Integrity. Make love, my family, and let your sensual sorcery spread the Essence of Forgiveness, Trust, and Gratitude. I Believe in You.

Dedicated to:

  • Goddess Luna Leona
  • The late and beloved Toni Lane Casserly, my friend and ally in the Sovereignty Movement for a Cultu.re of Peace
  • Bucky, for the amazing tracks this artist has produced in the last year!
    Please Support Bucky on Bandcamp
  • The Infinite Eternal Source of All Love


Loved SomeoneBucky
With youBucky
SeclusionMichael FK
MirageNastya Kazantseva
Find the sunBucky
Let it goBucky
Tender loveBucky
Thinking of uBucky
LostṾ Ʌ Ẏ U
Lake of SorrowBucky
Found (heartbreak mix)Bucky
Pixel Fix – Rosa – LuQus RemixLuQus
Heart of FireBucky
GobiKim x Affectwave
Sleepless NightsAK & Direct
Thinking Of YouAndy Leech
Reaching The SummitAndy Leech x Justin Jet Zorbas
No Going BackBucky
ShindeiruAndy Leech
Threw her love awayBucky
North RemembersSibewest
As time goes byBucky
Stream of InvocationEntheo

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Posted on

April 17, 2020

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