The End of the Aether

Article by Resonance Academy Faculty:  Adam Apollo  2013 - Updated for 2022For thousands of years, the Aether (ether, æther, aither), a field which connects and permeates all things, was an essential facet of both the philosophy and science of reality in cultures around the world. Also known as “quintessence,” the Aether is the...

18 Reasons: COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns -VS- Snopes “Fact-Checking”

The following is an in-depth analysis of two articles: 18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine - by Christian Elliot, April 5th 2021’18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a COVID Vaccine’ Post Filled With Reckless Falsehoods - by Alex Kasprak, April 16th 2021 I originally found the article by Elliot which provided some data-backed...

5D: What the $%&@ is all this about anyway?

Addressing this topic in full depth would require more of a chapter than an article, but so many people have asked me about this, or shared less than coherent narratives about 5D, that I felt that writing something briefly about it was way overdue. To begin with a generality, my perspective is that 5D is very often misunderstood...



Legacy Archive Writings

A Unified Harmonic Matrix

Explore some of the earliest writings by Adam Apollo on the Unified Harmonic Matrix and the patterns of numerology, geometry, form, and function that make up the harmonic scales of the Universe.

Sacred Knowledge Library Archives

From explorations in advanced magical applications to the I-Ching, explorations of galactic cultures to early writings on Adam Apollo’s physics, this archive has some epic writings circa 2005.

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