Today I’m sharing some excerpts from a conversation with a close friend who had found out about some “new science” and geometry which claimed that their geometry and science discoveries are the “true source” of regeneration and Eternal life, while the geometries which actually form the basis of life and the geometry of spacetime are called “false sacred science” and “death sciences,” inherently leaving a sense of fear and judgement around them.

This is the classic divisive methodology of any psy-op disinformation campaign: take powerful insights which authentically help us to understand the world and ourselves, and make them “evil,” “distortions,” or “manipulations.” Then provide a semi-plausable theory that requires complete faith and loose “scientific” terminology and defend it by claiming that anyone who doesn’t believe in it is “deceived” and “ignorant”…or worse, “evil.” Give lots of ammo to early believers and let the social divisions commence.

Sound familiar? Well, religions have done it for ages. This is not to criticize spiritual experience, as a direct experience of the Infinite Eternal is both accessible and well proven by millions of people. Interestingly enough though, that kind of real personal experience tends to lend to compassion, acceptance, and love for others regardless of their beliefs. Yet somehow, through the lens of many religions, it has led to hate, wars, and divisions. 

It’s exactly what happened with the “Flat Earth” psy-op campaign, and wow, didn’t that tear some beautiful progressive communities apart! It was particularly effective because we all know there have been false stories given to us by NASA and other pseudo-government organizations, and the Disclosure Project and others have shown lots of data that images have been manipulated to remove starships from space photos… But how far can you take that? All the way to every astronaut, every satellite agency or company, every scientist studying the Earth, thousands of years of proofs and data… ALL of it is a lie? Planes don’t fly around the planet, they fly in circles? The Sun and Moon are little disks that float in circles above us and somehow disappear on the horizon? Seasons are…? The end of the Earth is an ice-wall? 🤣 I could go on with such fabrications that defy obvious observation and evidence, but I have another disinformation campaign to address here.

I’ve seen a few sources for it, but the one I’ll address today is known as Quantum Spanner:

Let’s take a look at the overall premise:

Some common spiral patterns and number sequences are BAD, while another well-known pattern is GOOD. Instead of the terms BAD and GOOD, we’ll just call one type of pattern “distorted,” “death sciences,” “vampiric”, “devouring” and “extractive” of life force energy. The other we’ll say is “Eternal life,” “natural core rhythm of how atoms are made,” the “true eternal-life blueprint,” “frictionless,” and “intact from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic level.”

Okay, simple enough, though this gets a little concerning when we start looking at what these number sequences actually are, and where we find them in the universe.

First, the BAD: apparently, there are a few “death science” geometries which are inherently self-destructive:

  1. The Golden Mean Spiral & Fibonacci Sequence – found in all life, from the structure of DNA itself to the spread of leaves on plants, the unfolding of flowers, the orientation of atmospheric gradients (seen in hurricanes), electromagnetic field layers, the heartbeat’s cascading waveform in a self-described state of love, spiral galaxy formation, etc etc etc.
  2. The Yin-Yang and Torus – representations of interconnected balance, harmony, wisdom, awareness of spacetime, dynamic interchange, growth, and all energy fields
  3. “Metatronic Energy“ – a term used here which refers to Metatron, which represents the Angelic Archetype of the Geometry of Creation, and the unfolding Love of the Eternal Source made manifest in Geometric crystallization through matter (Mater – Mother).

Wait a sec – aren’t all those things the keys to life, balance, geometric harmony, manifestation and birth?

Now let’s look at the GOOD: according to these groups, the only “true” pattern is the “source spiral” mathematics (which are used in the “patent-pending scalar vortex coil technology”), which is “eternal-life giving” and the correct “sacred science,” not like these “false sacred sciences” listed above.

So what is their magical number sequence? It’s binary code!

1, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, etc… 

And of course, it’s also a sacred number sequence used in the I-Ching, and don’t misunderstand me: there is nothing wrong with this beautiful number pattern, the spiral it creates, and the way the sequence unfolds. If it was useless, we wouldn’t apply it in all our computing systems.

Yet there is a real problem here… Why is this “digital” codex so good that it represents claims of “Eternal Life” while the actual “organic” codex of the golden mean, torus, and sacred geometry of the flower of life are considered “death sciences?”

This is a classical rejection of life, similar to the Puritan perspective that nature is inherently evil. Forests are full of devils, dancing means you’re possessed by demons, women are the source of all evil, and the world is basically the domain of the devil. Otherwise, why would we die? Why would we suffer? 

Never fear, the binary code sequence is here to save your Soul! Just reject everything else and bow down before our technology which will save you! Not interested? Blasphemy, evil, burn them at the stake!

Okay, so there may not be exact parallels there, but anytime there is disinformation like this out there which spreads, people start looking for witches to burn. One of the first I’ve seen is Nassim Haramein, who has dedicated his life to sharing how the key to understanding spacetime itself lies in the geometry of the Flower of Life. If he’s right, which I am certain he is, then spacetime in equilibrium naturally aligns to this geometry, hexagonal tetrahedral vector equilibrium.  These groups are claiming that his work in this area, as well as on the dynamics of toroidal fields, is just spreading the dark word of these “death sciences.”

Admittedly, I also have my own triggers with this, as I have shown in my work that the pentagram (which also used to be called a symbol of evil or the devil) is also inherent to gravity, and the curvature of spacetime. Without it, we don’t even start to get matter, life, and reality as we know it. Not to mention that embedded within the pentagram is the golden mean spiral, and the Fibonacci sequence leads naturally to its proportions. It’s literally the geometry of life.

Even if we don’t get personal about it, the smartest minds for thousands of years have revered the geometry of the hexagram and pentagram, which are inherent to EVERYTHING in our experience. In contrast, binary sequences are not as common in nature, but they are strongly composite numbers and are great at doubling and dividing. The work well in computers, and in archetypal sequences (I-Ching).

Going further though, these groups spit in Tesla’s face, saying that the numbers 3,6,9 alone are “death” (Tesla said they are the key to everything), but when you add 12, they are suddenly Divine!

They go on to dis the system of 10 (metric), and praise the system of 12 (imperial). Yet these two measurement systems are definitively interconnected and ancient, as proved by the work of Alan Green:

But don’t take my word for it on all this craziness, let’s analyze some of the text from the website I linked to above (Quantum Spanner): 

“According to morphogenetic scalar energy researcher, Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D., when the 12 is omitted and just 3-6-9 is implemented, this is the finite-life, inorganic vortex-based mathematics, golden mean ratio and Fibonacci spiral sequence, which are recycling of finite energy to create expansion, not expansion through self-generated power. “

“The Source Spiral expands by √2 = 1.414…for every 45º degrees or by 2 for every 90º degrees of rotation. This is derived from the height to width ratio of 2:1 (2) of the 12-Sphere Eternal-Life Grid. The number two is the key to the Source Spiral. The Source Spiral expands and creates a frictionless, exponential spiral that remains intact from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic level.”

This is a ridiculous claim – golden mean spirals are actually PROVEN to be more frictionless, as they are used in engineering of all propellers both aerial and hydro. Also, we see the Phi (golden) spiral from microcosm to macrocosm, actually embedded in nature and life, unlike the so called “source spiral.”


“The Yin-Yang is the core energy flows associated with the tube torus and the perpetual recirculation of energy until its final phase of exhaustion into space dust. The Yin-Yang system was designed to highjack and vampire onto other living systems until their energy was completely syphoned through the vortex based sets (acting like reverse turbine technology) that actually extract life force energy, turn it into Metatronic energy and cycle it back through the black hole systems, like ours.”

This is frankly fear mongering at an unbelievable level. They are basically claiming that anything that is about balance, recirculation, and the cycle of life and death are inherently “vampiric” or “extractive.” This means that living is inherently vampiric because life dies, which doesn’t say much for the “source” they are supposedly pointing towards… It’s completely missing any inherent Spiritual awareness of the way consciousness and information flows Eternally. They’re also using the term “Metatronic” to refer to something negative, when in fact it is the archetype of Metatron which represents Divine Geometric Knowledge. This is hilarious, because it’s like complaining about gravity and calling it “Einsteinian,” claiming its evil and we must transcend gravity and Einsteinian concepts, when in fact we must learn from Einstein’s insights to understand gravity and transcend it. Not to mention, of course, in this example (which is fairly similar at heart to the issue here), that gravity has generated life, star systems, and all that we experience (as it occurs through the pentagram, geodesic curvature, and golden mean relationships).


“The Yin-Yang was built upon the Fibonacci Spiral, which is a vampiring spiral that at a certain point, taps into First Creation Process and feeds off it in order to grow.”

Really? The Yin-Yang is far more ancient than Fibonacci, first of all. And what does tapping into First Creation Process and “feeding” off of it mean anyway? Feeding off God? Yeah…don’t feed of the First Creation…its not like it’s Eternal or Infinite or anything…


“The Fibonacci sequence features a sequence of numerical expansion in which the “next expansion number” to come is reached by “adding together” or “devouring” the two numbers that come before it. If we think of each number as a quantum of energy, then the two previous numbers are “added together” and consumed in order to “become the next number,” leaving nothing in their place; the “numbers before” become “finite quanta” that must “disappear or die” in order for the next number to be “born.” Thus the “numbers” within the Fibonacci sequence ALL represent finite energy forms that will be consumed and cease to exist, in order for the next generation to emerge. ”

Um, what? So now addition is vampiric consumption? So every addition of numbers should have a remainder or something? Ridiculous.

If that had any logical basis, or meant anything at all, then why would a number sequence that “consumes” EVERY number which makes up its next number in the sequence be any better (like binary numbers)? Why would the latter be better than the former, when it EATS more numbers? LOL


“Imagine that zero represents the “Eternal Source First Creation Point” and by utilizing the Source Spiral Numerical Sequence this keeps you connected to Source while in expansion. The Fibonacci Spiral Numerical Sequence loses its connection to zero (Source) & uses the previous number solely to create the next number, progressively moving out of a Source Spiral Eternal-Life Template as it expands.” 

Oh, and Zero isn’t also inherently added to any Fibonnaci, or Tribonacci, or any other number sequence? WTF kind of drugs are these people on?


“Any technology, body of knowledge, geometry, number sequence, mathematics based upon the Fibonacci sequence, Phi ratio, Golden Mean, Flower of Life, and religious mystic teachings  (e.g. Kabbalah, Baha’i faith, etc.) falls under “false sacred science” teachings, which are perversions of the organic, eternal-life multidimensional technologies once available in our ancient advanced Earth cultures millions of years ago.”

“In ancient advanced cultures, these “False Sacred Science” teachings became known as the “Death Sciences,” because reduction of eternal-life potential to finite-life de-evolution was the eventual result of their applications — regardless of what temporary benefits of finite power such technologies supplied. This is true when applying any of today’s technologies based upon these “Death Sciences”.”

A single reference? One example where these are described as Death Sciences in “ancient cultures”? Nope. So basically anything that gives rise to life, gives rise to death, and so is “false sacred science.” This actually might be worse than the “flat earth” psy-op. This is the fearful nightmare of the dark ages, afraid of evil everywhere, and this kind of belief actually creates an experience of “hell.”





“The Metatronic Tree of Artificial Life has the 8 and 12 spheres (vital grid connections) removed. Thus it has NO direct connection back to Source and is deemed as finite life.” 

Their 12-Sphere Eternal Life Fractal Grid is just mapping the very flower of life pattern they are calling “false,” and The Tree of Life depicted is known to have pieces missing for the purpose of initiation and self-discovery, which clearly they have never done to have this level of judgement on it.


In any case, the claims being made here are more than just insights into a new system: they are divisive belief structures that will cause compulsive fear in facing any natural geometry or number system. With the rise of awareness of the Flower of Life and the Golden Mean in popular culture, those who eat this BS sandwich will be faced with people all the time who are “representing” these “death sciences.” This will create fear, suspicion, and lead to patterns of evangelism as “believers” try to “save” everyone else from the realities of the world. 

It is essential that we begin to notice these collective psychological patterns, and study their movements just as we have studied the individual psyche. We must be wary and discerning around any belief system that inherently creates massive opposition and conflict, as these are the seeds which have caused violence on Earth for thousands of years.

 When we start thinking in a more integrative way, accepting that all patterns, geometries, and mathematics are inherently expressions of the Universe all around us, we can open ourselves to more deeply accepting the flow of experience in our lives. Instead of suspicion, we become curious and interested in noticing the magic of synchronicity in all the numbers around us. We may even start to notice that we feel the flow, the current of love, the inherent beauty in all creation guiding us… And that which is sought by groups like this, “Eternal Life,” is found to be inherent in discovering WHO WE ARE.

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