Addressing this topic in full depth would require more of a chapter than an article, but so many people have asked me about this, or shared less than coherent narratives about 5D, that I felt that writing something briefly about it was way overdue.

To begin with a generality, my perspective is that 5D is very often misunderstood and mistranslated. There is this idea that “going 5D” means “vibrating out” of the other four dimensions, when it is rather simply transcendence of awareness to incorporate spacetime patterns or synchronization of consciousness across Time (which is also Space).

Going “up” in dimensions from nearly every solid philosophical reasoning, physics, or mathematics, does not mean losing “lower” dimensions, but integrating them through a more expansive point of view. We may think of a paper as flat 2D, but from 3D we know it has density, depth, and information. When incorporating 4D we realize it has an origin and death. From 5D we realize the information of the paper is not so temporal, but is extended across Time. We see the pattern which arose to make the paper, and the pattern which destroys it, but the paper is part of a longer continuum, a pattern of Purpose.

While the common view of 5D is often linked to a form of escapism (“if we can just reach 5D all our troubles go away!”), I believe it Is more accurately viewed as an integration phase of consciousness, where a phrase like “Awareness of Divine Will” is more appropriate. When we can see that everything arises and fades in Time with purpose and meaning, we begin to glimpse the Sacred and Beautiful Pattern of existence.

As above, So below; spacetime itself has 5D embedded, as well as all “higher dimensions,” through recognizing the Holographic Information structure of Eternity is inherent in every point, singularity, PSU, Proton, etc. This means that we are not ascending but transcending through Awareness at this level, not “going up” in consciousness but expanding and incorporating more of all that is through a deeper and more comprehensive perspective.

In regards to Density, this is more based on energy level awareness… One may perceive solid objects as being barriers within the “closed system” of thought that pervades 3D awareness, yet even with 4D we realize its temporality and permeability in time, and with 5D we know information passes through any perceived “walls” or “barriers” of matter through non-local coherence. Entanglement. Thus the limits of density are transcended in this level of awareness. The density remains, however, for all other relative density and matter. The body can learn to shift its relative frequency and density in relationship to objects, but this is an entirely different development of practice than simply “waking up to 5D.”

Frequency shifting in relation to objects requires deep embodiment. The mind must learn to see things for what they are, Astral Constructs, with Etheric (Energetic) Signature, and then become aware that the Body is the same. By going deep within the body through Chi Kung and Tai Chi, one begins to recognize the currents inside which match currents outside… The music within, and the music of all things. Then one can begin to modify that music…remembering that the whole Symphony responds when we lead it through our Solo…

Now, let’s get grounded about all this, in order to more deeply integrate these understandings. There is a famous approach to Unified Field Theories called the Kaluza-Klein Theory. In this highly-respected scientific and mathematical structure, it is proposed that there is a “fifth-dimension” that is nested inside the other four-dimensions which oscillates, giving rise to certain energetic properties in things.

I had a breakthrough in my own physics work while studying this…

The four dimensions we commonly acknowledge in Cartesian/Minkowski coordinates are 3-Spacial (xyz) and 1-Time (t). However these dimensions alone cannot give us density!

In order to calculate density within volume, we must have mass, which requires addressing the mass-energy density within spacetime… This can be done with a 5th-Dimension, embedded in and extended through the other 4D, which simply represents the cumulative curvature and curl of spacetime (spin) which determines protons, and thus atomic mass, and therefore density.

Klein was on it with the 5th-dimension being an oscillator, as this links to an understanding of PSU (Planck Spherical Unit) vibration and viscosity, or as I’ve recently been describing, the standing wave Trion-Ray field… When the general field is in equilibrium, oscillation is minimal. When in curvature (high-tensegrity) oscillation is high.

So perhaps this 5D formulation of Mass-Energy-Time is being intuited by oracles, healers, and lightworkers as being about a density shift because it involves a realization about what density actually is… When we understand something fully, we become more capable of actually building technology around it. In this case, controlling density or the relationship of mass (gravity) to energy (electromagnetism) and spacetime results in the creation of entirely new energy systems, anti-gravitational propulsion, and superluminal “jump” drives to travel to other star systems… Not a small deal there.

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