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Learn about the myriad intersections between consciousness, magic, the philosophies of Ancient Cultures and the science of the Unified Physics of spacetime. 

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The first launch in a sequence of releases that will bring the next level of NFT technology to the masses, and the first 3D Social Operating system and Metaverse Dashboard.

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The Ancient Mystery of our Human Origins

The Ancient Mystery of our Human Origins

Who are we, and where did we come from? These great questions have been central in the lives of countless philosophers, scientists, and anthropologists for millennia. What if the theories we learned in history are built on false premises, filtered by ethnocentric...

LIVE on Coast to Coast AM

LIVE on Coast to Coast AM

Join over 3 million weekly listeners on Coast to Coast AM tonight as Adam Apollo is featured, sharing insights into Unified Physics, the future of Human Technology and Consciousness, and our leap to becoming an Interstellar Civilization. Host Jimmy Church will set the...

Peru: Resonance Delegate Gathering

Peru: Resonance Delegate Gathering

Explore evidence of lost ancient technologies on a journey to many sacred sites, visiting ancient megalithic structures, temples, and ancient ruins. Enjoy breathtaking hikes, spectacular sunrises & sunsets, beautiful ceremonies and a full moon ARK® crystal...

Join Resonance Academy Faculty Adam Apollo in exploring geometric principles and concepts at the Planck scale, and their relevance at every scale in Universal patterns. From the insights of Buckminster Fuller to the keys of quantum gravity and light, this is a deep dive into the origin of all forces and their relationship to specific geometries. Well known across art, philosophy, and architecture for thousands of years, certain geometries have significant relevance in this journey to a truly Unified Physics.

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