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crossroads of Destiny
May 17-23 in Ibiza

The Largest Gathering of Regenerative Thought Leaders Catalyzing Global Regeneration

Discover the power of your secret metaphysical gifts on a transformational spiritual journey, at a time when we are facing a great Crossroads of Destiny. Join us for an exclusive retreat in Ibiza where the ancient wisdom of the mystics meets the legacy of countless cultures, merged and flowering in modern times. Indulge in the potent powers of this transformative Year of the Wood Dragon, as Pluto passes from the old control structures of Capricorn into the magical inspiration of Aquarius. Every time this happens, the world changes drastically, calling us to grow and change with it. Come explore beyond the boundaries of your old beliefs through the dynamic guidance of Adam Apollo.

$200 off before March 24th! 

Until March 24th, you can still save $200 on any of our registration packages!

 D’Jedi Training in Paradise?

Check out the website to see more of the amazing images of Ibiza and our magical venue:

Maison Enchanted Private Villa
Includes 7 Days / 6 Nights Accommodations & Food!

The Adventure includes Sessions
in these Topic Areas:

  • The Body Starship: Exploring the Subtle Dynamics of Energy Arts
  • Cultivating the Chi: Ancient Techniques for Health and Strength
  • Divine Sex: Polarity, Alchemy, and Creation
  • Sacred Geometry & Manifestation: Harnessing Universal Principles
  • Martial Arts & Movement Theory: Unleash Your Inner Warrior
  • Mysteries of Occult Magick: Secrets of the Ancient Ways
  • Galactic Contact: Understanding our Interstellar Relationships
  • and much more!

RegenWeek 2024
March 21-28 in Tulum, MX

The Largest Gathering of Regenerative Thought Leaders Catalyzing Global Regeneration

Come to the exquisite beauty of Tulum to experience a massive convergence of leadership in Regenerative Thought. Adam Apollo will be doing a special presentation on CoreNexus™ – the world’s first sovereign social regenerative operating system.

With private Alpha Pilots already live, 2024 is a major potential launch date for this gamechanging system.


A New Course in the Guardian Alliance

Discover keys to unlocking your highest sexual expression through the human energy body, the physiology of the sexual organs, and advanced conscious practices to access states of Divine Communion. Learn how to address armoring across your energy bodies, and gain the tools to transform pain and resistance into pleasure and ecstasy. Develop your boundaries, and create a crucible of Alchemy within you, a forge powerful enough to transform you into Divine States of Consciousness.

Save $222 through March 20th (50% off)

The course price will go up to $333 after March 20th until the public session on April 2nd, when it will go up to full price at $444. In addition, only a couple VIP Training slots are available, and they will go fast. If you’re interested in this course, register now.

Our first Introductory Public Session will be on Tuesday April 2nd at 3pm Pacific Time, and then Private Student Course Sessions begin on Friday April 12th at 2pm PT every week for four weeks. Links are available on the right to access each of these sessions.

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