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Learn about the myriad intersections between consciousness, magic, the philosophies of Ancient Cultures and the science of the Unified Physics of spacetime. 

Resonance Academy

Initial Systems Architect &
Unified Physics Legacy Faculty
Unified Science Course M3+M4
Quantum Geometry Course

Guardian Alliance

Academy Founder & Architect
Lead Faculty & Course Author
Community Development
Systems Administration

Enlightened Tech

Architecting Open-Source
systems for individual
sovereignty and planetary

Galactic Ambassador

Exopolitical Presentations
Star Nation Representation
Technological Disclosure
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Focus: Peace

Projects to create
a more peaceful
and sustainable
global community.

Upcoming & Recent Events

D’JEDI Training Intensive
Redwoods Retreat Event
October 27th – 29th 2023

Fern River Resort, Santa Cruz California
Co-Hosted by Conscious Beings

Stay in a beautiful cabin along the river in the heart of the redwood forests, and find yourself immersed in the power and majesty of the ancient groves and ferns. Experience a direct immersion in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual training of the true D’Jedi through integrative practices. Learn how to apply advanced energetic techniques in the heart of play, in the middle of a dance party, through refined movement, and discover Elven magick… While some parts of this weekend intensive will involve indoor seated study for focus, most of this weekend will be immersed in nature and require physical action and participation. It’s time to turn on the Body Starship.

Past-Life Integration
& The Art of Time Travel
Fridays, July 14th – Aug 4th

Online Course with LIVE Events
Hosted by Guardian Alliance

Join Adam Apollo for a deep dive into Past-Life Integration & The Art of Time Travel, learning skills and techniques for recovering memory across physical, emotional, and mental experiences, while navigating karmas, healing traumas, and bringing forth skills from your past incarnations. This short course will provide you with a comprehensive foundation for working with your Soul Stream at a practical level in daily life, enabling you to gain abilities and remove obstacles in order to fulfill your current Life Destiny.

Join Resonance Academy Faculty Adam Apollo in exploring geometric principles and concepts at the Planck scale, and their relevance at every scale in Universal patterns. From the insights of Buckminster Fuller to the keys of quantum gravity and light, this is a deep dive into the origin of all forces and their relationship to specific geometries. Well known across art, philosophy, and architecture for thousands of years, certain geometries have significant relevance in this journey to a truly Unified Physics.

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