Future of Days – NYE2020

Crossing the threshold into this new decade, I played the Midnight Set for an epic event in downtown Boulder. FUTURE OF DAYS was amazing, and I had the honor of Elijah Ray opening the field, then taking on the decks around 11:33pm to bring the energy up to the Midnight Portal. At the countdown, Luna Leona and I helped people drop into their visions for the next decade, brought in the New Year and New Decade with horns, hugs, and kisses everywhere, then brought the dance back with rolling full body bass delivered through a state-of-the-art Funktion One soundsystem. And yes, the 36″+ sub-bass woofer delivered, with the crisp cones of the famous F1 towers provided by Awaken the Night. I was followed around 1:01am by the beautiful and exquisite music of HÄANA.

While I can’t give you the full experience of the night, it is my honor and pleasure to share this mix and a LIVE video with you, cultivated with love for friends and musical magi around the world. This set features tracks by the ineffable SOOHAN, my good friends Phutureprimitive and David Starfire, the indefinable ASADI, Clozee, Beats Antique, Kaya Project, and some new favorites like Dysphemic and Orenda. Special thanks to Asheville’s only Morphonic for early inspiration in getting me into Middle Eastern Trap, and sending me down the rabbit hole of finding the best World Bass and deep kickers from around the planet.

May this set help you drop into your body, feel the portal of the Roaring 2020’s opening fully to receive you, and dancing in the celebration of accomplishing all your visions and dreams for the next decade. Let’s do this…

With Love,
Admiral Adam Apollo

Enjoy my very amateur video from the evening, captured by phone, but with the HD recorded audio mixed in and some special treats. Apologies for any ads that may show, YouTube requires them to support the record labels and producers who own these tracks…

On that note, please support all the amazing producers, many of whom I’m honored to call close friends, through looking up any of them from this complete Track Listing:

One Love, One Heart – Morillo 00:14
Ocean Flame – SWAYLÓ 2:09
Snake King ft Yiani Treweeke – Dysphemic 3:37
Anatoli ft Yiani Treweeke – Dysphemic 5:24
Odoya (SOOHAN Remix) – Ina Flip 7:09
Desert Flower – SWAYLÓ 9:42
Durgen Chugaa Shu-De – SOOHAN 11:02
Flow – Phutureprimitive 12:22
Izgrejala w/Stellamara – David Starfire 14:35
Roya – ASADI 16:48
San Pedro Rising (SOOHAN Remix) – Kaya Project 17:42
— Midnight Ceremony with Luna Leona — 21:53
Countdown – Admiral Adam Apollo Remix – 26:39
Sacred Activation (Murkury Remix) – Subroot 27:16
Jahan – Asadi 29:22
Tammurriata Alli Uno – SOOHAN 30:11
Ohm – SOOHAN 31:48
Space God ft Yiani Treweeke – Dysphemic 33:29
Persian Queen – ASADI 35:33
Bass Rider (SOOHAN Remix) – Waar 36:41
Phoenix ft. Yiani Treweeke – Dysphemic 39:13
Cuniform Chronicle – Sikada x Byzantine Time Machine 42:11
Marmoris – Orenda – 43:28
Distorted Reality – Phutureprimitive 45:00
Mumbai Vibe Garden – SOOHAN 47:14
Oj Mome (ft Irina Mikhailova) – David Starfire 49:57
Flow Like Water – Clozee 51:30
Balancing Act (Lo.Renzo Remix) – Wu Wei x Subleeminal 52:44
Moonlit Horizons (David Starfire Remix) – Desert Dwellers 57:11
Onnimanni – SOOHAN & Mikko Heikinpoika 58:46
Mystic Descent w/Equanimous – Orenda 1:00:22
Resistance – ASADI 1:03:04
Vesper Star (David Starfire Remix) – Beats Antique 1:04:39
Ancient Forest – SWAYLÓ 1:06:05
Primal feat. SOOHAN (Zebbler Encanti Remix) – David Starfire 1:08:41
Totem – Halfred x Manohara 1:10:33
Pearl – David Starfire 1:12:10
Fracture – Orenda 1:14:17
Heritage (LOFIMAKER Remix) – Jason Hou 1:17:13
The Hunted – Dysphemic 1:19:11
Radhe Govinda ft Kinkini Deb – Manohara 1:21:06
Drifting in the Sea of Dreams – Sundra 1:25:54


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January 4, 2020

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