Out of the Shadows

For those who have loved, who have lost, and who have loved again.

In this threshold of planetary transformation, we are all going through many personal changes. We have loved ones crossing to the other side, whether by virus or accident or worse, and it is essential that we breathe, grieve, and let the current of our feelings flow. Sometimes we need to cancel everything, get deeply in touch with our emotional field, and move, dance, shake, play, füçk, flail, snuggle (or shnug), massage, touch, cuddle, hold, and ride the waves through the fields into the Elysium of inner peace and acceptance.

This set is all about diving deep into the well within, moving through the places of pain and pleasure, bringing out light to every corner of our being, so that all parts of us can come “Out of the Shadows,” and into the Eternal Essence of who we are. Conscious of it all.

When I first recorded this mix two nights ago, I noticed that it moved me through so many deep and powerful emotions. I reflected afterwards that some of it felt very sad, and I almost went back and rebuilt the entire mix. Then I found out that one of my closest friends passed away in a car accident near Shasta, right around the time window I was making this mix. I listened to it again, and this time let it carry my sadness and grief, and I found it brought me so much love and peace. I hope it can provide the same medicine for you.

Aloha Ke Akua
Blessed Be
In Lakech

Adam Apollo

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Download Full Wallpaper Art of Album Cover
1OrionOscuro & Liam Thomas
2The End of The FallNastya Kazantseva
5Unrevel – LipsVMDM Records
6Moments TogetherDimatis
7Zero Gravity (Feat. Soundmouse)Rameses B
8Crying All The TimeRiversilvers & Oscuro
9Take My HandOscuro
10Part of MeUnrevel x Nastya Kazantseva
11Take me Back
(Artificial Endorphins Remix)
Sam Gellaitry
12Jake’s HouseBucky
14Through My EyesRameses B
15It’s Not Too LateRiversilvers & Oscuro
16BelieveOscuro & Nomyn
17Even ifBucky
18BelievingRameses B
19Show YouOscuro
20Standing AloneBucky
21More Of Your LoveOscuro
22NebulaRameses B
25Death To SensesNightkites
26Beneath the WavesNastya Kazantseva
27SerenityBayza & Dimatis
28Fall ForBucky
29Exhilaration (feat. Lotis.)
(Dimatis Remix)
30Never let you goBucky
31My Weakness VIPOscuro
32Raindrops (feat. Rhode)Rameses B
33Time Stood StillOscuro

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May 15, 2020

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