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Special Features


LIVE with Jimmy Church on F2B Radio

LIVE with Joe Rupe on Lighting the Void

India: Pyramid TV Interview with Adam Apollo

India: Thriive Art & Soul Interview

Simon on the Sofa Interview: Blame & Shame

Galactic Connection: Gathering the Guardians

Galactic Connection: Revisiting Camelot

Galactic Connection: Holy Grail, Holy Chalice

New Realities Interview: ET Global Transitions

AAE tv: The Force

Dream Council: Awakened Dreamer Summit

Resonance Academy Clips

NEW: Quantum Geometry Course Opening Session


Speed of Light & Time (with William Brown)

Resonance Academy Faculty Q&A
Deep Dive with Adam Apollo

Variation in Photonic Expression

Live Workshops & Sessions

Guardian Alliance Interview: Becoming a Planetary Ambassador with Foster & Kimberly Gamble

LIVE Workshop: Unified Physics and The Force


Grace: Gene Key 22

Dragons: A Journey Home

Martial Arts & Swordform Clips

The Real Star Wars: Secret History of the Galaxy

Portal to Ascension Course Excerpt:
Where Did We Come From?

Michael Jackson’s Black or White

The Cosmic Giggle Film

The Cosmic Giggle: Feature Length Film with Adam Apollo

The Cosmic Giggle Excerpt:
Creation & Remembering

The Cosmic Giggle Vault:
Awakening a Deeper Knowing

Lucid Planet Radio: Creating a Global Culture of Jedi

Older Archives (Pre 2012)

Leak Project Interview: Jedi & Superhumans

Past Lives, Sacred Geometries, Sacred Knowledge

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