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Train to Become D’Jedi

Each of us is on a constant journey of self-discovery, where the possibilities are endless. Yet as we become awash in opinions and assumptions, with every novice opening their eyes for the first time blasting confusing nonsense or unconsciously sharing disinformation campaigns on Social Media, we can feel a bit lost. Is the Earth flat? Is Tartaria a true history? Is Q-Anon telling the truth, or are they selling shit sandwitches with truther white bread?

The real Truth is accountable. It is the memory stream of Time itself, inherent and embedded in the people, our ancestry, and the relics we have left behind. It is woven into Ancient Wisdom traditions, crafted in Celtic Knotwork, spoken in prayers and spells, and is deep inside of each of us.

Sometimes we discover the Truth on our own, and it’s power to transform us accelerates our growth. Sometimes we leap ahead, and find that no one around us can relate to where we’re at now… And what we’re becoming. Building this bridge is part of my offering, bringing your closest allies together, upgrading their understanding, arming all of you with language and science, as well as practical applications to uplevel your lives together. 

A Guide on your Trek

As a young teenager, I was depressed, lost, confused, and angry at my teachers, school, and the society I had been born into. How could we hold on to so many lies? It was obvious that I wasn’t getting the whole truth from school or media.

Then when I was 15, everything changed. I discovered my human energy body, and realized that there is an omnipresent field of energy throughout the Universe. Yet what lit me up like a Supernova, was that this energy could be moved with intention, guided, exchanged, shaped and wielded.

The Force…is real.

Suddenly Nature was my teacher, showing me how energy moves to create life and give substance to all matter. Fire, Air, Earth, Water…Spirit… The Physical World. She showed me that Vibration underlies all physical experience, as a spectrum of light we call emotions…the Etheric Plane. One night a lightning-bolt of Satori hit me and I saw the Mental Plane; it was the Astral, the field of ideas and thoughts which form geometries and shape emotional energy and physical manifestations.

The Unified Harmonic Matrix arrived in a Vision like a tsunami, and I realized that I already knew the structure of Reality and all Existence… It was embedded in our Bodies, and could be mapped through energy patterns, and the many structures of our Energy Body.

A Unified Harmonic Matrix:

This presentation recorded at CITD 2019 explores the following topics in depth:

  • The Unified Physics of Spacetime and how Quantum Gravitational Mechanics enable metaphysical applications. 
  • A Unified Theory of the Universe that reveals how every scale layer of matter matches an energetic process related to consciousness and the Chakras. 
  • Insights into the Sacred Geometry of Spacetime and Consciousness, and how they interact. 
  • The Secret framework underlying all magical traditions, scientific inquiry, and philosophical theorems. 


Discover your Energy

Reconnect to the Quantum Plenum and learn how to harness, weave, shape, and guide this field of force in your body and into your life.

Learn techniques for energetic Warding (protection), Sigil Crafting. manifestation mapping, Chi cultivation, Pranic clearing, Kundalini activation, Sexual healing, Tantric pleasure reclaimation and harnessing, advanced Energy Body practices and formulas, techniques for personal transformation and leadership development, as well as countless ways to serve your community, your Soul Tribe, and the public at large. 


Restore Your Blueprint

Access your Past-Lives, and begin to integrate lost parts of yourself, including your skills and abilities. Resolve trauma patterns through accessing the root events which created beliefs and contracts that limit your current capacity.

Begin to reintegrate yourself on a Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual level. Experience connection to skills and capabilities you never knew you had, develop your sexual power and orgasmic energy of creation, and focus your mind like a lens to light up your world and create in entirely new ways.


Activate Your Purpose

It’s time to play big. It’s time to fulfill your destiny as a community and tap into your deeper purposes in Life. Discover key patterns and processes to have successful launches of your projects, build lists of raving fans, and create both passive and active income streams through your Alliance.

Receive guidance and coaching on building business ecosystems, uniting ambassadors through events, and creating an endlessly growing reach through sharing a database of potential clients and customers who love what you all do and are more than willing to offer your tribe money for it.

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Secure Your Booking with a Deposit

Please start by completing the application to work with Adam Apollo. Then, if you would like to be first in the queue to secure a scheduling slot with him, you may make an advance payment on any of the session packages below. Applicants who have pre-paid for scheduling will be considered first. If your application is not accepted (can happen due to lack of availability, resonance, or other factors unrelated to your application content) then your deposit refund will be initiated within 48 hours after you receive our application rejection notice. Delivery of funds may be dependent on the timing of your bank or our financial services.

Level 1: Weekend Intensive for 12+

For this experience, I travel to your location of choice and craft an adventure for you and a minimum of 12 other people. This is a D’Jedi Training Intensive, and can be customized to meet the level of proficiency and knowledge of your community group. We can span from fundamentals and context setting through physics up to advanced Astral Travel, Past-Life Integration, High-Magick, Chromomancy, Martial Arts, Ancient Wisdom Traditions and Practices, and much more.

Rates for this engagement start at $333 per person. As the Host who is locally promoting and filling this event, you will receive 1/3 of the total income (starting at $3996 for 12 people), for a starting rate at $1332. Travel and lodging for Adam Apollo is also covered by the Host.

If the event is locally catered, Host will provide an upcharge option to attendees and organize the catering, as well as the financial split.

Level 2: Retreat Experience for 9+

We travel to a retreat location of mutual selection, and spend 3-5 days in a deep dive into the heart of the Sacred Mystery of Reality. This is a more advanced Intensive, with high level arts similar to those in the Weekend Intensive above, but with more practices, applications, and engagement. 

One-on-one focus will also be provided to each participant during certain windows throughout the experience. Team bonding and organizational development will be provided for those groups working to align around a project, Company, or mission. 

Rates for this engagement start at $444 per person. An evening intro and two full days are included, then it is $111 more for each additional day (up to 5). As the Host who is locally promoting and filling this event, you will receive 1/3 of the total income (starting at $3996 for 9 people), for a starting rate at $1332. Travel and lodging for Adam Apollo is also covered by the Host.

If the event is locally catered, Host will provide an upcharge option to attendees and organize the catering, as well as the financial split.

Level 3: Public Event Experience

This custom curated event production is structured around a large public experience, which may or may not be accompanied by a weekend long intensive for a select group of participants.

This event experience can include:

  • Curated DJs & Musicians

  • Massage Therapists

  • Dance & Fire Performers

  • Powerful Speakers 

  • Integrated Workshops 

  • Adam Apollo MC, DJ, Lead

Rates for this experience start at $12,444 with a required deposit of $2,488.80 due on scheduling. This event experience can also be paired with one of the above retreat or weekend intensive offerings.

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