Lightning in the Desert – LIVE from Contact in the Desert 2023

Take a journey through beautiful melodic world bass, wicked sexy trap, conscious hip-hop, heart-strumming downtempo, progressive house, spiritual trance, and world shaking drops, like lightning striking in the desert. This set was recorded LIVE headlining at Contact in the Desert, massive conference in Palm Springs focused on the science and technology of the future through the understanding that we are not alone in this Universe.

This set is full of tons of new and rare tracks, with a few glimpses into some of my best remixes and transitions from the past few years. If you like a variety pack of flavors and genres to keep the dance floor hot (or your car bumping) there’s something in this set for everyone.

Please comment on parts you enjoy and leave me feedback, or just say hello! Your responses help fuel the fires of my inspiration in creating new and different sets than you’ll hear anywhere else in the world.

Get ready for Lightning in the Desert…

And stay tuned for a special bonus release of my LIVE set from Lightning in a Bottle, which contains a few of the same fresh tracks, but is almost entirely a sexy beautiful downtempo journey… Enjoy!


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June 4, 2023

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