Superluminal Systems

A culmination of over 10 years of research into educational systems, integrative design, and open-source development, Superluminal Systems is a company founded by Adam Apollo, alongside Teresa Collins, Marshall Lefferts, and Harlan T Wood.   Our suite of services is backed by proprietary and open-source education and accreditation software integrated with social media capacities and next generation collaboration systems. Our custom developments are built on a highly effective and accessible content management and administration platform, and all our services include consultation and training to enable client-centric self-sufficiency and software sovereignty in all our relationships.

At the heart of this company is the Superluminal Systems Stack, an integrative software lattice that is being developed to include personal cloud architecture (DataCosmos), security and e-commerce systems, learning management and collaboration systems (⨕ LMS), an interoperable graph layer, semantic social layers (NodeSpheres), and next-generation data visualization systems and interfaces (CoreNexus™).

Our consultation services include program design and coaching for teachers and organizational administrators to empower the creation and growth of deeply engaged learning communities. Course curricula can do more than train students with applicable skills and wisdom; they can create new income opportunities for students who choose to become teachers, ambassadors, and world leaders applying their new knowledge. We believe that truly effective educational systems are self-generating, individually empowering, and innately community building.