Guardian Alliance

The Guardian Alliance is a collective of individuals and organizations who are dedicated to preserving individual sovereignty while maintaining collective safety and harmony.  They provide advanced metaphysical and self-development training in a variety of fields for personal empowerment and collective coherence. Leaders in the Guardian Alliance are self-recognized, and their capacities are ratified, confirmed, and supported by the communities who offer credence to their claim as an anchor for the collective. We are committed to transparency on all levels of organization, and request your participation.

We Declare

All beings and all life are Sovereign and Sacred, and possess the inalienable rights to free communication, choice, and personal belief systems.

We Design

Organizational systems and personal practices that enable harmonic collaboration, deep personal presence, and total integrity in all engagements.

We Dedicate

Service to all Life in Balance, and the circle of well-being that is the foundation for all the fundamental patterns of the Natural Universe.

We Designate

Spaces for each individual to be themselves in balance with others, and Guardianship for containers that allow specific energetic cultivation.

Join the Guardian Alliance

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