Resonance Academy

The Resonance Academy was built in 2013 by Adam Apollo, Harlan T. Wood, Teresa Collins, and Marshall Lefferts of Superluminal Systems, in collaboration with the Resonance Project Foundation. Apollo secured $12M in funding for the Foundation through a private introduction between a philanthropist and Nassim Haramein, and offered to develop a specialized instance of his Learning Management System architecture for the Foundation. In addition, Apollo also wrote Modules 3 and 4 of the Unified Science Course, originally called the Delegate Program, which are the primary physics offerings for the entire program. 

Through the Unified Science Course, Adam Apollo helps to bridge the gap between our current mainstream physics, and the leading-edge thinking represented in Nassim Haramein’s work, by providing his own insights into an array of studies by leading physics experts. 

Apollo also created the Quantum Geometry course, a deep dive into the quantum mechanical structure of the Proton. However, he is now removing his courses from the Resonance Academy, as it transitions into the International Space Federation. 

Over 150,000 students have joined the Resonance Academy, exploring in-depth courses full of media, references, and additional learning tools. The original site built by Apollo had complete social components, including mapping for member groups, contributing member subscriptions, interactive Lounges for students to connect, student services pages with video education and slides covering all the site features, and much more.

Sadly, under the management of the crumbling Resonance Science Foundation, most of those features are gone now.


As a special bonus to visitors of my site, here are some of the playlists that students within the course get to enjoy prior to their live sessions: