Resonance Academy DLVL1

The Resonance Academy pilot course, the Delegate Level 1 (DLVL1) Program is now live and online.

There are over 2800 students in the active program, participating in LIVE lectures and Q&A events each week, and exploring in-depth courses full of media, references, and additional learning tools. The site has complete social components, including mapping for member groups, contributing member subscriptions, interactive Lounges for students to connect, student services pages with video education and slides covering all the site features, and much more.

This is the first iteration of the online education systems Adam Apollo has been developing, and it’s extremely exciting to have the pilot course up and running.


Join the Resonance Academy

Dive into six complete Modules of the Delegate LVL1 series, and gain new insights into worldview transformation, leading thinkers, modern physics, unified physics, ancient cultures, and the potential applications of our new understanding of physics.

As a special bonus to visitors of my site, here are some of the playlists that students within the course get to enjoy prior to their live sessions: