UNIFY inspires, empowers and gives people the tools to organize and participate in global synchronized moments.

UNIFY is open to everyone, from every path, who is open, moved, and willing to participate.

Everyone is UNIFY.

On December 21st, 2012 the UNIFY Global Livestream Broadcast reached over 120 Million people.  Nearly 100,000 independent broadcasters redistributed the stream.  On Facebook, the UNIFY page alone reached nearly 1 Million people during the week of December 21st.

Thousands of local organizers participated in a series of globally synchronized events, creating one of the most massive moment of human synchronization ever recorded on Planet Earth.

Moving forward, UNIFY is dedicated to supporting actions that help humanity inherently recognize that all people are part of a single planetary family.  All life and lands on Earth are precious and should be honored and respected.

Everyone, everywhere, together.


Adam Apollo supported the initial development of UNIFY from the first conversations, as the project itself was borne of visions shared by a council of “Jedi” at a retreat in Ojai in 2011.  He built the initial website, set up the primary online organizational systems, was recorded as a voiceover in videos shared by the movement, and he also set up all of the primary Social Network accounts and streams.  During the campaign, Adam brought in many artists who created UNIFY content, and he helped expand outreach by inspiring many of major network coordinators across a variety of communities to share UNIFY with their constituents.  On December 21st, Adam represented UNIFY and organized major global meditations with a huge group participating in an event at the Pyramids in Egypt.  Adam Apollo will continue to work with UNIFY and support it’s natural development in 2013 and beyond.

“UNIFY does not belong to any individual or organization.  It is a vision that belongs to all of us, and a Flag that can be raised for any call to collective action.  It must be open-source by nature, for it is only through honoring our great Diversity that all the Hearts on Planet Earth can be Unified as One.”
– Adam Apollo


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January 7, 2013