Tauran Luna LuvDown – Asheville Full Moon Gathering 2017

Under the full swollen nipple of the Taurus Moon, bathed in the golden adoration of a sensual Scorpio Sun, I felt the call to embody the Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains, when the mountains flare with an orgasmic blaze of colors, the sweet ecstatic explosion before the leaves cascade to their sleepy death for the long Winter night…

This set embodies sex and the season, tantalizing you into your depths, bringing up your deepest emotions, joyfully teasing you and celebrating your beauty, and reminding you that in all life, there is death, and in death, life is reborn…

It may tickle your kundalini, surface your shadows, awaken your strength, and lift you into sweaty shivers of ecstasy. At least, that’s what this particular collection of music by epic and rare independent artists, mixed LIVE in Asheville at the November Full Moon Gathering 2017, has done for me.

I left the stage completely soaked…

Thank you to the hundreds of amazing dancers and lovers in Asheville that made this set an absolute pleasure to perform. I might blush next time we see each other…

NOTE: There was one technical malfunction during the set which cut off all sound. I used it as an excuse for a rewind during my LIVE set, but for your listening pleasure, I cut out the moment of silence (and loving cheers) in post production and restored the original position of the mix.

COVER ART – Digital Collage & Custom Rendering by Adam Apollo, featuring the Taurus Goddess by Alan NinjArt1st


  1. Sweat – Skit & Tijani
  2. Young – Nevaeh
  3. Green – Bucky
  4. QATAR – CVRELESS x V.F.M.style
  5. Butterflies – Rameses B
  6. Fumes – CHVRN
  7. Nightfall – Darlekone & Vacant
  8. cold sun – CHVRN
  9. Forever In My Heart – Azaleh
  10. There For You – Rameses B
  11. control – CHVRN
  12. Everything – Blaize X Raddix
  13. Left Behind – Vacant
  14. Guardian – Noah B
  15. weakness – CHVRN
  16. Aqcic – Wardia (SOOHAN Remix)
  17. Alsarah – Flechette
  18. Fade Away (Original Mix) – Enigma Dubz, Katie Vine
  19. For Her – Duumu
  20. Fractal Tears – Skit
  21. Final Call – Skeler & Ytho
  22. Before You Go – AWEEDEN
  23. Soma Dreams (Clozee remix) – David Starfire
  24. Melancholy – CHVRN
  25. Nataraja (ft. Shri & Patrick D.) – David Starfire
  26. Kya Dekh Rahe Ho Tum – A. R. Ra
  27. Harry Potter Remix – ASADI
  28. Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka – Aishwarya
  29. KNOW YOU
  30. november – CHVRN
  31. Realm – Vacant
  32. Run (Feat. cluda)
  33. New Beginnings – Singular Mind
  34. Namaste – Min&Mal, Delayz
  35. Good To Be Loved – Gabe & M-22
  36. Cobra – Ephixa & Holder
  37. Glow – Hermei
  38. Ether – Rameses B

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November 6, 2017

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