Leo Blood Luna LuvDown – Crossing the Threshold – Future Bass Mix

The newest set in my Luna LuvDown series, this journey is a deep dive into love, self-awareness, self-acceptance, transformation, and collective healing. Under the powerful waves of the Full Blue Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo, I recorded this set as a prayer, and a mirror, for myself and the world. To enter the darkest shadows, we must carry the brightest torch of love in our hearts, be courageous, and keep moving deeper. In the heart of our fears, we discover our gifts, and awaken our Divine Spark.

This set reminds us that sometimes we get lost, sometimes we wander, sometimes we fall, but if we look within, we will always find our way Home. Trust in yourself, and begin this journey of 2018 with a sensual exploration into yourself, and find the Kundalini Fire within you. May all Paths open for you, and may you see the Map to traverse them with Grace and ease.

The art for this album builds on and transforms the original Lion Luna LuvDown art, unfolding its inner spectrum, revealing the stars, and blooming under the Full Moon Eclipse energy.

Here’s the fullsize wallpaper by Adam Apollo for your enjoyment:

Complete Tracklist:

1Ocean Of MemoryArtificial Endorphins
4Hold me tightKOSIKK
5Innocent SorcerersDa Vosk Docta
6HorizonsTim Schaufert
7Unknown TitleArtificial Endorphins
8Strange dancesKOSIKK
10Cold LightArtificial Endorphins
11If I StayTwisted Psykie
12Breath Of SpringKOSIKK X LONER
14faded (w/ METAHESH)goldy
15All DawnKOSIKK
17today or neverLONER
18What Lies BeyondKori
19KOSIKK – Inter StellarKOSIKK
20Interlude I (Unknown)BXDN
21I Feel BadArtificial Endorphins
22DrowningArtificial Endorphins
23Warm EmbraceArtificial Endorphins
25Spacewalk (Feat. Veela)Rameses B
26Feel So GoodRameses B
29LunarRameses B
30Only YouAxel Thesleff & KOSIKK
31Everything, StillSwarms
32Raw MessiahsSwarms
34Intro (Luminescence)BXDN
36Red SunSwarms

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February 1, 2018

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