Visionary Arts Academy

The Visionary Art Academy features classes and tutorials from Visionary Artist leaders. Regular interview sessions feature active artists around the world who are making a difference through their art. Courses in the Academy cover a wide variety of subjects, from technique and process to personal transformation and self-development. Members of the Visionary Arts Academy get access to several ARTJAM sessions a month, where artists from around the world come together to co-create and share their visions live on video together. Watch the video below to see a few excerpts of recent ARTJAM sessions, featuring epic visionary artists like Amanda Sage, Ka Amorastreya, Jake Kobrin in VR, Simon Haiduk, Michael Garfield, Randal Roberts, and many more.

Join the Visionary Arts Academy

Explore the Visionary Arts Academy, upcoming events, interviews, ARTJAMs, and courses through the link below. See what’s coming up, or click “Join Courses” to visit courses that are open for registration at this time. Membership of the Academy starts at $1/month, and you can choose your level of contribution to support the growing global community.