Rise in Love – Best Downtempo & Chillstep of Spring 2015

Let go and ride the waves of some of the sexiest downtempo, chillstep, future-garage, and soul inspiring tracks of the last year. This set is a love-symphony for transformation, honoring the sometimes slow, sometimes fast, always moving energy of change that drives evolution in our lives.

All made flesh will turn to dust. Yet to lose the object of thing is not to lose anything. The essence of all things lives on, information preserved, consciousness intact. Let go of everything. Dust forms stars. You will keep shining, regardless of what may come, and what may go. Keep shining, and rising, in Love.

Aloha Ke Akua
Adam Apollo


1 Galimatias – To The Moon And Beyond (Electus Cover)
2 Drift Galimatias & Alina Baraz
3 Heartfelt – Never Together [EDM.com Premiere] CHILL
4 Archipel Nocturns
5 Transgenic (Jan Amit Remix) Trifonic
6 The moments we shared…I miss them (Original) Jacoo
7 Maelys Sorrow
8 Broiler – Wild Eyes (feat. RAVVEL) (Electus Remix)
9 Withering (Original) Jacoo
10 Serene [Exclusive] Arcane
11 I’ll Need You LuQuS
12 Promises BXDN
13 Lost in a Dream Evocativ feat. Arch Origin
14 Flamenco GAWTBASS
15 Dawn [EDM.com Exclusive] Pensees
16 Aurora (Original) Jacoo
17 CMA ft. Electus – Light Of Dawn Electus
18 I’m Waiting LuQuS
19 BDXN – Raindrops BXDN
20 Glimpse & Madi Larson – Until it falls apart 2 Glimpse
21 Pretty Thoughts Galimatias & Alina Baraz
22 Watching Over Me Subsets
23 Glimmer Kindred
24 Cosmos (Original) Jacoo
25 Phoenix Kindred
26 02 Glimpse – Heart of Stone ft. Katrine Stenbekk
27 Promises BXDN

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June 21, 2015