The Dragon Awakens – Trance For Superheroes

This 2 hour mix brings together my absolute favorite progressive and uplifting Trance tracks over the past couple years, and weaves them into a journey meant to open your Heart and inspire your Soul.

May these sounds penetrate your being with an infusion of Epic Lifeforce, propelling you forward in the creation and manifestation of your visions, dreams, and actions. May this moment transform your life, and the world.

0:00:00 Together We Are Strong (Intro Mix Edit)
0:03:43 Fields of la Tourette (Epic Mix)
0:10:50 Love Will Bring It All Around (Original Mix)
0:15:55 Hope Remains (Silvernova Radio Edit)
0:19:07 Dancing In The Rain (Allen Ma’s Emotional Remix)
0:24:26 Sagrada Familia (Illitheas Remix)
0:32:06 Ushio (Original Mix)
0:38:29 Breath of Life (Original Mix)
0:46:26 Trailblazer (New World 2014 Remix)
0:52:34 Sanity Dub (Original Mix)
0:57:13 White Swans (tranzLift Emotional Remix)
1:04:28 Prism (Original Mix)
1:09:21 Esperanza (Original Mix)
1:14:06 The Incursion (Afternova Radio Edit)
1:17:40 Phoenix (Original Mix)
1:22:53 The Heart That Never Sleeps (Dub)
1:28:01 Shine (Original Mix)
1:33:33 We Are Where Heaven (Original Mix)
1:38:53 Proglifter (Original Mix)
1:43:04 Giver of Life (Original Mix)
1:51:04 For Love (Emotional Mix)

Dedicated to the adventurers of the Guardian Alliance.


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July 6, 2015