Deeply Quickly
Falling into the Storm
Spun like a Hurricane
Left dizzy

A Strong Drink
Intoxicating by smell
Hallucinating in taste
A purr to the touch

Blinding Light
Refracted in Brilliant Purpose
Scintillating through Myriad Medicines
Piercing a quiet Heart

Slow down…
Too deep…
So fast…
Too much…

Lurching Tide
Sweeping everything forward
Leaving nothing to the reef
In swells of Passion

Looming Space
One step opening a Mystery without end
The folly freeing and fairly fantastic
And you hope it lasts forever

Slow down…
Too deep…
So fast…
Too much…

How do I stem
The rushing wind
The pumping blood
The streaming light
The churning seas
The endless depth
Of my Love?

Tell my Heart
To stop Beating

Tell my Breath
To stop Heaving

Or at least slow down
Tell me How…

The sands keep pouring
And the further I go
The farther I get
From being able
To dam this river

It wants to sweep me away
And everything I have
Into a Love Song
That consumes

Yet Saturn speaks
And time is essential
More space is so necessary
And we must…slow…down…
To catch up with ourselves…

Please, Brother of the Rings
Show me how I can contain this Fire
Teach me the Art of transforming my Passion
Lead me through my fingertips and lips
Let them dance my silent Prayer

How can my Flame Grow
And not boil away the Water
How can my Heart Flow
And not set my blood Afire

How can my Water Feel
And not freeze under a Storm
How can my Wind Breathe
And not be too cold or Warm

Hear me Starwalker
I dance the Rings tonight
Crossing from this Lunar Dragon
Into the Electric Wind’s White

The falling Crystals Sing
And I’ll sleep under their Song
And may this night I Dream
Of a Love so Perfectly Right
That no Act of its Light
Can ever be Wrong

Slow down Raindrops
The time of floods has Passed
May the falling Stars Teach Us
Of a Love that Everlasts

For even Winter ends
And sprouting Spring begins
But what of the Turning Sun
And the days when the Universe begun?

Where whirlpools of Stars gather
The Heart is there in Fire and Water
Sounding rhythms through Life’s Chain
Evolving Souls and Bodies Again

Yes dear, it is violent at Times
And yet in the chaos are simple Rhymes
Of Giving and Receiving
Letting go, letting Flow

Somehow through it all, We Know
There is a Peace behind the Tides
And through Falling in Love
We learn to Die

Born Again
In the Solace of Monsoons
Born Again
In the Waterfall Lagoons
Born Again
In the River’s Bend
Born Again
At the Delta’s End

Our water Grows as Love Flows
And the swells become Tsunamis
But rest now dear Lover
Let the Sea absorb your Tears

Float out into the Deepest Ocean
Let the Mother drown your Fears
Keep falling until there is no Bottom
For all you were seeking is Here

You are Loved more
Than you Can imagine
And you Have More Love
Than that…

What is fast for one
Is slow for another
And that is simply fact

When you’re on your knees
And this love is your Last
Just remember the Past

When you need to share
And your fire is there
Someone always needs to Receive

I Believe…


I Love You
As Slowly
As Time

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