My third experience of my Sirian family came with my first physical contact, the same night as I released my bond with my Soul Partner. Just after we completed this release with each other, and my realizations of who I was and why I had come to Earth settled within me, I knew that my journey had just begun. I saw a brilliant light shining into the stars on the top of what looked like a pyramid, far out in the Black Rock Desert. I was near a city known as Black Rock City, the place where the Burning Man Festival is born into existence for seven days, and then vanishes without a trace.

There are many types of Art at Burning Man; some massive structures, statues, and exhibitions created simply for entertainment, and others to inspire. There are some pieces of Art at Burning Man that are there for a different reason. Sometimes, an individual or group has an awakening experience, and realizes that they must create something. They may not always understand the purpose of their creation, but this is not usually as important as the actual creative process. Many of these Art pieces, their origins wrapped in the mystery of revelation, make it to Burning Man every year. Sometimes, that is where their Purpose is revealed… The Stargate Temple, as it has always called itself in my mind, was one such place.

I ran into the night towards the vertical light, the stars streaked by above me, and the pyramid became more and more brilliant against the backdrop of deep darkness. It was a cone, instead of an angular pyramid, and it seemed to have a transparent surface containing a magnificent swirl of floating stars, moving in rhythmic harmony. Like a Galactic vortex, the stars spun around and up to the apex, where a piercing white light sliced into the sky…

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