Chromomancy is the art of establishing a specific vibrational field aligned with a certain set of feelings and beliefs in your body-mind complex.

Here’s a simple practice that illustrates the simplicity and potency of this type of magic:

1. Decide on a state of being you would like to be able to access more easily on a regular basis. For example, you might want to feel confident, strong, and prepared. Alternatively, you may want to feel peaceful and calm. Another example might be feeling safe and protected in every way.

2. Quiet your mind, relax your body, and breathe deeply.

3. Visualize a situation in which you embody the state of being you are seeking. If you desire to feel safe and protected, perhaps you would visualize being on a tall white pillar where no one can reach you. You look down at everyone and everything below, laughing and smiling, knowing that you are safe. Perhaps you are surrounded by Guardian Angels, or you have an armor made of diamonds that is light and impenetrable.

4. Let the feeling of the visualization strengthen, breathing into it until your whole body is resonating with the feeling and the state you are trying to embody. Continue meditating and strengthening your feeling until it consumes all other thoughts and feelings in your being.

5. Now call into your visualization a SYMBOL for this feeling. If it is protection, perhaps you see a simple symbol of you surrounded by a circle that has angel wings. Maybe it is three circles, and each of them has one of your favorite colors. Maybe the symbol is a geometry that you like that seems to say “protection,” or something else. Be creative, but allow the first things that come to mind be present with you, and see if they strengthen or weaken the feeling state you have achieved in the meditation.

6. When you have the right symbol, one that strengthens your feeling, is easy to visualize and feels appropriate for your magic, begin to breathe your energy and feeling INTO that symbol. Breathe with it and make the symbol YOU, so that you charge that symbol with all the energy of the feeling and the state of being you have achieved. When you are finished, it should feel like you and the symbol are one being, and you are in the state you have chosen.

7. Give gratitude to the symbol to let it resonate with your heart, and allow your meditation to gently subside, relaxing back into a state of awareness of your surroundings. Touch the earth to discharge extra energies, and let the symbol go from your mind.

Now, anytime you want to reach that state of being quickly and easily, simply visualize that symbol and breathe into it, allowing it to fill you with the vibration you cultivated during the meditation! You can call on it’s energy anytime! Check on it now and then, and make sure when you breathe into it, you still feel the charge of the state you cultivated. If it loses it’s charge or changes, you may need to reactivate it through doing the practice again. As long as you don’t misuse, dilute, or share the symbol too heavily, it should maintain it’s magic!

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