I have been through yet another stage of a deep transition in myself, and am beginning to know even more clearly what my path ahead holds… My Birthday and the following days were full of potent pain and transformation, and I was truly disabled from work to discover a new approach to my action and organization. I’m still reeling from this, but gaining ground again today, and my head seems to finally have cleared from the fog and a piercing vise.

Part of the beauty, and mystery, of this challenge was that it was without any noticeable single trigger. I feel obvious links between reformatting my Digital Brain (computer), preparing my car for many repairs, reorganizing my data and that of many projects, discovering so many things of which I am ready to relinquish, unveiling the many movements I will be making in the near future, and clearing my body and mind of old stagnations… Sometimes pain is a great purifier, and helps to illuminate where release and balance are needed.

I’m quite sure that I had been so busy accelerating, getting faster and faster, that I began to burn Energy at an incredible rate and gained a huge amount of weight in return. This weight settled into my body, particularly my head, shoulders and back, and I found myself feeling like Atlas…but still trying to run faster and faster while carrying the world.

The greatest momentum exists when one ceases to accelerate, and takes full presence in inherent speed…that is to say, inherent stillness. I often teach in my workshops that as long as you accelerate, you warp space-time. This warping is stress, pressure, and tends to separate you from other relative positions and perspectives. I suggest that if we could move without acceleration, we would be able to travel faster than light, because we would have no resistance. In fact, we would simply step inside a Singularity, able to access any point in space-time. This has been softly resonating within me, and come back to haunt all my recent focus on “acceleration.”

Einstein taught us that acceleration is Gravity…they are indistinguishable… If you accumulate Gravity or acceleration, you gain mass, or weight. This is a miracle in itself, since it is this weight that keeps us in orbit around our great Sun, and keeps us in a spiraling dance with the brilliant Moon. Indeed, through Gravity we will eventually become physically one with all Stars in the Galaxy, through the supermassive Black Hole, or Singularity, at the Milky Way’s center…

I take this to mean that we use acceleration to gain “leverage,” or weight (Gravity) with those we want to partner (be in Orbit) with… We must be able to “get up to speed” with others, and this takes energy… Energy is needed to make more Mass, or Gravity… (E=MC^2) …and Energy becomes Mass through the Speed of Light… What does that mean?

If we want to increase our Energy and our Mass, we must do so by becoming deeply tuned to our Superluminal Selves…that part of us that is already at the Speed of Light, in perfect stillness in space and time, at every opportunity. When we bring this Radiant Stillness into our matter, our mass, our bodies, we generate incredible amounts of Energy. Indeed, if the greatest stillness is a Singularity (or a Black Hole), notice how TRILLIONS of stars and star-systems gather in a perfect dance when such a Center is present.

The Key is keeping focus in the Stillness, because it is from this “open space” that we determine how much Mass, or how much Energy we embody. We can easily convert Energy to Gravity to create leverage, then change the weight generated back to Energy in a single Breath… In fact, I think this is the whole purpose of Breathing…

I did not mean for this to become a physics lesson, or even a meta-physical one, but it seems we all learn when we just let go and let Flow. I do mean this to be a Prayer. For the Singularity within All, and the Infinite Energy within each of you. This is where we must reside, in the Center of the Merry-Go-Round…otherwise we will feel the G-Force of acceleration and get FLUNG off the Ride. So…let’s get further inside, and drive this Spinning Space-Ship from the CORE of our Sacred Ore, recognizing our greatest strengths and wealth, and start Giving THAT to each other.

…And every once in a while, when you’re feeling too much Mass, too much Gravity…just stop. Get still. Quiet everything. Close your eyes. Breathe…

Dissolve all that Mass in your Liquid Light, and feel it bloom into Energy.

Aloha Ke Akua
Blessed Be
In Lakech

Adam Apollo

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