Monday October 24th, 7-9pm
Humanities Lecture Hall, UNCA

Our current technological development is reaching an apex, seemingly only limited by the physical constraints of this universe. Yet our entire structure of physical understanding is undergoing a massive transformation, as new theories and equations succeed in describing the spacetime fabric as a lattice of wormholes connecting everything simultaneously. An award winning paper in Physics from the revered CASYS conference in Belgium shows that small black holes could lie at the center of every proton, and all matter, replacing the strong and weak force with gravity.

These new physics focusing on the spacetime structure reveal that we could engage and adjust the fabric itself, changing localized gravity and accessing energy in extremely efficient ways. Science fiction technologies like replicators, free energy systems, and gravity drives now appear to be completely possible to produce.

This talk explores these new technologies emerging from recent physics insights, and the effect they would have on the entire structure of human life and society. It also covers the practical challenges in development and implementation of these technologies from physics and engineering perspectives.

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UNCA Humanities Lecture Hall
Asheville, North Carolina

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