I hear the footsteps through the Moonlight
When all is silent between restless sound
And the cry of a Soul stopping the Dance
Screams of the fear in one last step

Through the pounding floors and spinning bodies
Through the congested conversations and freedom
Through the parting pairs intrigued by motion
I come to those whose silence pains my eardrums

Like you, I enfold them in a Moment
Where the sticky world is melted in warm tears
And their feet grow roots to hold them up
While I remind them of their fragrant flowers

Like you, I give them the power to Trust themselves
As I give them my Trust and give them my hand
Yet the Sword on my back does not flicker or fade
It remains to remind of the way things can change

Just as wounds can be sewn with our Love
Chains and cords can be cut with a Blade
And always that steel that flows with our Breath
Has tasted our Blood and a piece of our Death

But this is not where the Healing ends
As the time of the breaking is where it begins
And Moment by Moment they choose their own Way
And we slip back into the roaring Winds

They never forget, and we always remember
Though the Dance never ends with a single surrender
As the circles in Earth Moon Sun, and You
We remind them of Truth, and we Move on Through

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