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Following the exciting peer-reviewed publication of Nassim Haramein’s new paper, “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass,” the Executive Team at the Resonance Project Foundation engaged Adam Apollo to design and develop a new website to support this achievement.

Adam Apollo has a long history with Unified Physics, completing his first research paper at the age of 18 entitled “The Unification of Science and Spirituality through Theoretical Astrophysics.”  During his research for that paper, he intensively studied Loop Quantum Gravity, String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and both General & Special Relativity.  At this time, he also came across an early version of one of Nassim Haramein’s first papers, which attempted to solve Einstein’s field equations in a way that accounted for torque and coriolis forces (spin).  The paper wasn’t published until nearly 2005, but Nassim Haramein had already gained Adam Apollo’s attention.

Many years later, Adam Apollo spoke at the White House on advanced physics and technologies, exploring their impact on humanity’s potential futures.  He was joined by a small group of “Next Generation Leaders” and global stakeholders focused on creating positive systems change and superseding the limitations of existing bureaucracies.  During this visit to DC, he had the opportunity to review the work of Steven Greer in a personal presentation on his physics and technology research, by request of a visiting Philanthropist.  Adam had met Steven Greer back in 2001, just after the first major Disclosure Project conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC.  Although the Philanthropist did not fund Greer’s work at that time, a beautiful connection was kindled.  Then during the following year, Adam Apollo introduced Nassim Haramein to this same Philanthropist at the Nexus United Nations Summit, encouraging them to explore his physics and technology research.  Nassim’s work, humility, and dedicated presence made a strong impression, and the Philanthropist decided to fully support The Resonance Project Foundation and Nassim’s physics and technology research.

Before the release of Nassim’s new paper, Adam Apollo engaged The Resonance Project Foundation to begin developing a new online educational system that could help to change the learning landscape on the web.  The Board of Directors fully supported this vision, and two of them joined Adam Apollo in creating a new company, called Superluminal Systems.  See the Superluminal Systems Project page for more information…

In the process of developing this new online education system, it became clear that the existing website development was incomplete, so Adam Apollo and his team took over the website project and launched it successfully.  With the insight of his Development partner, Harlan T Wood, they identified a new domain name branding and potential campaigns for the site to help empower it’s spread with simplicity and elegance.  The new site is live, and incorporates many leading edge features and technologies.

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May 5, 2013