LuvDown Deeper – NYE 2015


I played this LIVE set for the “Buttles Bubbles & Beauty” event on New Year’s Eve 2015, held at the Isis Oasis Animal Sanctuary and Retreat. To bring in the New Year with deep reflections and luscious heart movements, I played in the snuggle lounge full of people enraptured in cuddles, kisses, and sometimes undulating dances full of beauty, sexiness, and grace. The overall tempo of the set slows a bit as the night drew on, communicating a very important principle I learned last year and plan to practice throughout 2015:

“We slow down so we can move fast.”

So true. Slower, deeper, and more full of Love, so that our life and work is efficient and purposeful, making miracles move in even the smallest steps.

Blessings to all on this, and every spiral we make around the Sun in our journey through the Galaxy.


00:00 Chomstars – Electus
02:00 Fragments of the Past – CMA
04:44 Drifting Apart – Soular Order
08:08 Ash – Alicks & Oneira
12:44 Perception – Soular Order
15:50 Distant Horizons (feat. Bea) – Sizzlebird
17:47 Afraid – Vacant
19:44 Get Higher – Himalia
23:00 You Are the Sun – Electus
27:37 Man on Fire – Njamimars
28:38 Shattered – Koda
33:22 Remind Me – Sizzlebird
36:06 Under One’s Hat – Njamimars
38:58 The Great Flood – Stumbleine
41:14 Goodbye – CMA
43:13 Frozen Rain – Q. Ron
45:15 Thawn – Stumbleine
48:08 Temple of Light – Electus
51:51 Two Weeks – FKA Twigs
55:15 Symbols – Electus
57:37 This Kind – Electus
59:19 1984 – Selerac
61:41 Winter Trees – VVV
64:44 Rembihnutur – Sigur Ros


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December 31, 2014