Elithian LunaLight LuvDown

This set, cultivated in the fall winds of the Elithian forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains was also played at the Luna Light Festival in Maryland. It is composed of the sexiest, heartwarming, soul moving tracks I found over the Summer, and is a harvest of delicious harmonics and rhythms.

Feast your ears upon this cornucopia of magical delights, and let it warm your pink parts and hearts, moving waters of love, passion, and pleasure…


Posted on

November 15, 2016


  1. billy rat Ray

    Great meditation or sleep.music

    • D.D. David Lee Heatherly

      THANK YOU MY BROTHER!!!!!! I have enjoyed learning with you over the past couple years..I am HONORED. NAMASTE.

  2. ver

    this set was so delicious live, and just as juicy here – thanks so much for posting!!

    Luv owlways!

  3. Seth Harris

    Nice! Sounds like a lot of the music I like to listen to. Who are the artists? I’d like to look them up.


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