A brief introduction:

Deep dank jungles, swamps, and rich forests with endless abundant living systems and cycles cover the planet of the Yahonian species. The journey of mastery for them involves learning to communicate with each species of plant and animal, and discovering patterns in the unlimited forms of interaction and relationships between species. These patterns are mapped through biological experience and direct communion, and the knowledge stored and shared in Astral spaces, accessed through entheogenic and spiritual journeys.

Those who have had experience studying on the Yahonian homeworld often have a deep innate sense of Plant Medicine and the natural properties of herbs, tinctures, and essential oils that seems to go far beyond the teachings of Earth Herbology. They commune with Plants in an intimate way, with a deep love for Fungi, dirt, worms, roots, and the raw richness of black soil.

Many of these teachings have been shared with Earth for a very long time, and were independently awakened here as well, a natural process for anyone who immerses themselves in the depth of Gaia’s life-web.

Yet those of the Yahonian world also remember sitting in Trees and entering stargates, using Plant Medicines to hold Astral Council with other Galactic Species, and have a highly refined sense of the Energy Flows of all living things.

The world the Yahonians showed me looked very much like Dagobah, the heavily forested planet where Yoda lived. When I considered this, they seemed to reinforce my conception of the similarities, and even showed me a diversity of Yahonian species types which included one that looked very much like the Jedi Master. The other primary species type were humanoid beings who were very tall, with very very dark skin.

I was also shown that Ayahuasca is a Yahonian Medicine that was taught to humans on Earth by direct contact, and also by Souls who came to be born as Shamans in the deepest jungles on Gaia.

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