What is Magic?

Magic is simply the art of creative consciousness. Each of us are part of the creative flow of existence, and when we learn to apply our thoughts and choices in very specific ways to create specific results, we are exploring Magic.

A Wizard or Magi studies the patterns of creation around them, in nature, social dynamics, and all other systems. This process is as much about deep receptivity and listening as it is about creating, as one cannot truly understand how something comes into existence unless each part of that birth is observed, sensed, and fully experienced.

Why do we use it?

What most people don’t know is that Magic is being used all the time, and often in very unexpected places. Very successful business training systems use a basic formula to teach executives how to use Magic in very practical ways. Unfortunately, most of these trainings inform individuals how to be extremely self-serving, often to the detriment of others.

At certain turning points in the past, those who had skill in using their consciousness to engage the forces of nature and the Sacred were labeled as “Devil Worshippers,” and were considered “Evil.” In fact, many of the Witches who were burned under these pretenses were healers and served very important roles in their community as guides, teachers, and leaders.

The Magic that replaced their gifts was one that taught that individuals do not have the power or gifts to heal themselves, each other, or even connect to a Divine Source. The only way to do this, so the new teachers said, was through a Church or ordained Priest.

This pattern of control, disempowerment, and disconnection has continued for a very long time, and now has left much of the mass consciousness of the Planet in dire straits. Now is the time for the reawakening of these abilities and processes, both to combat the harmful Magic that is being imposed upon the individual, as well as to unlock the beautiful healing arts that come with a Direct Reconnection to the Divine Source.

What about Prayer?

Prayer is Magic, it is simply a passive form of creative consciousness. By asking for what you want from the Source, you open yourself to receive that gift from Creation. Many people are afraid to ask however, and also are shy about being specific. They ask for a very general gift, and do not apply any coordinates or actions to aid in the manifestation process.

Wizards over the millenia have realized that symbols, colors, and geometries can be used to refine this “asking,” and specify more exact intention in their communication with the Source. We also realized that the Divine speaks through Geometry and Color, as all things unfold in the beautiful patterns of numerology, mathematical systems, and vibration.

Is this Witchcraft?

Yes, actually. But Witchcraft was originally defined as the “craft of the Healer.” All other references were implanted as part of a disempowerment and disconnection process instated by those who wanted more control over the people.

Take this further, and realize the beauty of the Pentagram, the symbol that some have labeled as the “Devil’s Star.” Even inverted, this symbol will always be Sacred Geometry, and can never reference something Evil inherently through its form. The Pentagram is the root form behind the Phi Spiral, also known as the Golden Mean Spiral, and Perfect Ratio. It has been found the the heartbeat’s waveform in a psychological state of “Love” or “Compassion” emulates this Golden Spiral’s ratios. It is also the ratio of the length of one turn of your DNA to the width, the spiral visible in Spiral Galaxies, and the natural layering form for electromagnetic fields. Evil? Think again…

Another crucial example is 666. The energy of the number Six, as you will discover below, is about complete Harmonic Balance. In Six, all colors can be represented equally, and the basic building-blocks of the Universe can be formulated. Two Sixes (66) are the basic components of the Heart Chakra. Three Sixes (666) allow for the beauty of the Six Colors to be represented in a Divine Trinity, where each color’s three properties of manifestation (Inner, Outer, Spiral, or Yin, Yang, Balance, or Active, Passive, Equal, etc) are able to be fully present with each other. This is the Key to the Third-Eye Chakra, psychic perception, and are the Gate to a personal experience of the Divine. Can you think of any reason why someone wouldn’t want you to have these abilities?

Where do I Begin?

That’s the beautiful part: you’ve already started. Since you were born, you have developed and crafted ingenious ways to get what you want from the world, from screaming and crying at your parents, to learning the right tone of voice to use when asking your Teacher if you could go to the bathroom. Learning to use Magic proficiently is about knowing what you want, and knowing what you don’t want.

When you know what you want, you can begin thinking about the ways that something can come into your life. However, each way you allow as a possibility becomes a limitation, as deciding what is possible is one of the ways we create. If it is “impossible” for you to receive that gift in another way, then in fact it becomes impossible.

This is the foundation for understanding that your processes of thought and belief about possibilities are the Core formula for Magical Creation. We will go into more depth on this and other facets of Magical formulas in the sections below. Thank you for exploring!

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