In this section, I will begin to present research and theories surrounding fundamental space-time physics. I have intensely studied a variety of areas in quantum physics, general and special relativity, as well as more obscure theoretical physics for over 13 years, and have painstakingly began to decode and describe the revelations and realizations I have had during that research period.

Everything you see here is based upon solid research and existing equations. Although I will not go into depth on the mathematical nature of these theories here beyond what is absolutely necessary, an appropriate evaluation of my reference materials will reveal the direct associations necessary if that is your area of interest.

Although it may still take me some time to complete this section, when I do so I will have assembled the foundation of an integral theory that interweaves the frontiers of study in the field of Loop Quantum Gravity with principles of String Theory, while providing coherence with the Standard Model and modified Special and General Relativity equations.

Thank you for your patience, and feel free to offer support or feedback where you feel it is necessary. I apologize in advance for any “leaping conclusions” you may come across in the following text, as this is a work in progress and not a final abstract or white paper. I will divulge all the necessary steps to each logical proof as time allows.

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