The most simple form of Ward is the Circle, an adjustable energetic barrier that filters both energy coming into or going out of a selected area.  For many practical purposes, Casting a Circle is all that is necessary when the Circle is defined with a few clear intentions (my most highly recommended of which would be to create the circle by bringing it “down” from the Eternal Source or “up” from the Eternal Source).  In some cases, however, a Circle isn’t as effective, especially when the Circle itself is used as a Portal or Gateway, or when the Circle needs to be cast upon an a permeable surface or opening that other things need to pass through.


Circles initially form a horizontal or vertical barrier that acts like a tunnel (or cylinder), and as described in my section on Casting Circles, can also be rotated to form spheres.  Many times, it is useful to set up “Gates” within a tunnel or cylindrical Circle, like membranes that modify the flow of energy moving through the Circle’s passage.  For example, you could set up a vertical Circle that extends down a hallway, and set up three different Gates, each of which serve a different function.  One might purify and clear Physical Energy, the next might be focused on Emotional Energy Fields, and the third on Mental Fields.  If your Circle is placed in a doorway or other threshold, you could create a Gate with multiple layers that encompassed the Wards you would like to place upon that threshold.

So what is a Gate, and how do you create one?  Simply put, a Gate is usually a Sigil or Geometric Shape that has a special meaning or magical property that is placed upon a two-dimensional surface plane of Energy.  This surface plane or membrane is then extended to fill a Circle, like the head of a drum, or the cap on a cylinder.  An example would be the Pentagram, which could be used to create all sorts of basic or advanced Physical effects within the Gate, and is also excellent in its “Pure White” form as a Physical Protection Ward.


When creating a Ward that is not intended to go inside a Circle, it is still important to set the “Container” for the Ward’s effects with you consciousness previous to casting.  For example, if you wanted to cast a Protective Ward upon a special crystal, you should designate the area around that crystal in which the Ward will take effect.  This might be that the Physical repulsion effects of someone reaching for the crystal are set to activate within a one-foot sphere around the crystal, or may be set directly into the surface of the crystal itself, so that holding it may be very uncomfortable for anyone other that the owner or a designated recipient.  Containers can be set to perform in any size or shape, but be conscious of what objects may be already within the Container you specify, as they may have an effect on the Ward, especially if they have counteractive properties to the object you are protecting!


A specific time can be set for a Ward to dissipate, or if you would like it to remain until dispelled (remember to set conditions for the dispel!) or as long as possible, it can be “Tied Off” by connecting it directly to a Source Stream of Energy.  Setting the timing for dissipation is fairly easy, as long as you can specify the time in a way that is relative to the object or Ward directly, and not just an arbitrary idea of time like “2:00pm on Wednesday.”  What Wednesday?  When is 2:00pm?  What energy happens at this time that could possibly signal the dissipation of the Ward?

If there is a clock in the room, you can connect the Ward to a certain position on the clock (and chimes work great), but then you need another reference thought for the Day, like a Calendar or Synchronometer.  Traditionally, Moon Cycles have been used, as they are always relative to any object on Earth, and in many areas of the Planet the Seasons can also act as a very general “Universal Timing Agent.”  If you know your Earth Cycles well, you can set the position of the Sun or Moon, a certain number of Sun or Moon Cycles, or even the exact positions of Planets and Stars for very specific Time Conditions.  If not, you can always use a Clock and a Calendar, as long as they (or your own awareness of the timing) will remain active upon the Ward.


The basic steps for casting a successful Ward are:

1. Determine the properties of the Ward and select appropriate Sigils, Geometries, Colors, etc to establish and tune the Energy.

2. Determine the Container or Circle the Ward will be placed within.

3. Decide if you need one or more Gates in the Ward and what the properties of each will be.

4. Connect with Source, focus on creating the Container or Circle.

5. Envision your selected Sigils and Energies forming Gates, or filling the Container.  Usually you want one large “Major” Sigil, even if it contains “Minor” Sigils that extends in size right to the boundary of your Circle or Container.

6. If necessary, make a timing imprint by sending a visualization of your specific dissipation time into the field, and seeing the Ward unraveling or dissolving in your mind’s eye under that Moon or other Time Condition.

7. Envision the Ward in its full effect, using any possible scenarios that may play out when it is active to reinforce its strength and adaptability,

8. If desired, call in an Eternal Stream of Energy from the Source and connect it into the top of the Circle or Container, then bring another one up from the Core of the Earth and connect it into the bottom to allow the Ward to be self-sustaining.

9. Fill it with Gratitude for the Source for activation of the Ward, and disengage from the Casting.

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