When I was 15, I had a vision that began as a single Eye, then spread to see the full interconnections of the body, land, continent, Earth, Earth-Moon Orbit, Solar-System, Galaxy, Galactic Cluster, Universe, then almost infinite Universes forming threads of energy weaving a stable waveform structure, this structure growing to have rotation and spin creating a stable sphere, this sphere (Quark) dancing with two others forming a Proton, protons and neutrons clustered in the nucleus of an Atom, Atoms forming Molecules, Molecules aligning into strands of DNA, Chromosomes, a Cell Nucleus, a Cell, Tissues, and finally, an Eye.

After deeply exploring this vision, facet by facet, I ended up doing my Senior Project in High-School on “The Fusion of Science and Spirituality through Unified Field Theoretics.” The posters and collages I created to explain aspects of String Theory, General and Special Relativity, and my ideas of Dimensional Harmonics fell apart in short order. After a while, I started creating digital collages representing each layer of my presentation, which eventually manifested into this set you see here.

The newest addition are the Vibrational Fields, mapping every line connection between the points of the Geometry of the Chakras. As you can see, there is a massive amount of 3D information in these 2D structures, which is part of the foundation of my theory. If 3D information can be resident in a 2D structure, 4D, 5D, and higher dimensional energy and information can also become present in a 3D, or even 2D structure. This is the key to Zero-Point Energy, creating Gravitational Envelopes for travel without accelleration (Zero-Point Gravity), and also Molecular Realignment systems which would allow the fundamental atomic structures of objects to be rearranged through focused Vibrational Matrices. Most of my revelations concerning these technologies became confirmed realities when I started to study Loop Quantum Gravity, the real Holographic Theory (much more than what you commonly hear about), and theories of the fundamental structure of Space-Time.

Each of these are also tools for mediation, and linking the body to the natural Universal Harmonics of existence. Each layer represents a Chakra, a level of Consciousness, and a Dimension of the Universe. There is much more than can be mapped here, but I will provide more as I have the time to make it graphically available in easy to absorb formats.

The text along the bottom is simply references to aspects of different areas of study that relate to these harmonics and layers of the Universe. There are plenty of other key-words, and you can even fill in your own, but these are intended to be a starting point.

Feel free to send me questions, and Trust that more information will be coming soon… Feel free to share this, but please do not cut off the text at the top or bottom. This is over 10 years of my work! Thank you!

Aloha Ke Akua
Blessed Be
In Lakech

Adam Apollo

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