These courses will address several major aspects of our engagement with life and reality. First, I’m leading an evening session on the interconnectivity of the universe itself, and sharing tons of insights and secrets about how to use your Chakras and Sacred Geometry in very practical ways. Then, the full day intensive on Djedhi (Jedi) Training will help you drop in to your deepest gifts as a leader and give you tons of tools for manifestation, healing, conflict resolution, and much more.

Chakra Spectrum Geometry

Tuesday July 31st ::: 7 – 9pm ::: The Integral Center, Boulder CO
The Unified Harmonic Matrix Presentation
Exploring Universal Fractal Coherence, Sacred Geometry, & the Integral Body

The Unified Harmonic Matrix is an integral theory that emerged from a series of visions on the interconnectedness of all things on all levels of existence. After years of research, Adam Apollo developed and mapped a natural organization to these dimensional layers of the Universe, in which there is a coherence across lines of scale that mirror the processes of human consciousness. This workshop is an introduction to this research and includes visual expressions of this understanding, integrating and explaining the Unified Harmonic Matrix through a description of what might be called the Ray of Creation, numerological progressions, and Sacred Geometry, as well as providing a foundation to understanding the holographic theorem and unified field theories in Physics.

Begin at the birth of existence, evolving through the dynamics of polarization, balance, and crystallization. Experience the awakening of consciousness through multi-dimensional geometry, and learn to apply symbols and sigils to guide and direct energy with precision. Enhance your intuition, and gain tools for practical application of metaphysical knowledge for Planetary Transformation and Healing. Explore the foundation of all Magical symbols, discovering the relationships between dimensions of our experience and the application of our intention. Learn the basics of telepathy, shielding, geomancy, astral travel, and energy healing.

This model has been independently verified by Nassim Haramein as applicable to the Unified Field physics that form the heart of his research. Adam Apollo, Nassim, and the award winning Space Team from Singularity University (at NASA Ames) are currently in collaboration utilizing the specific geometric concepts and insights in this model to enable revolutionary new technologies to emerge.

For more information on this model, visit the Unified Harmonic Matrix Database.

$33 Admission Offering Requested

The Integral Center
2805 Broadway St.
Boulder, CO 80304


Wednesday August 1st ::: 2pm – 8pm ::: The Koi Temple, North Boulder
Guardian Alliance: Djedhi Leadership Intensive
Developing your Capacity as a Leader and Guardian of Community and Planet

This day long Jedi Training initiation provides an integrative series of exercises and hands-on practices for Self-Discovery and empowerment. This is an opportunity to explore the fundamentals and dynamics of the Human Energy Field and its relationship to consciousness, the physical body and other bodies, as well as receive training in a diverse selection of practical applications.

The focus of this session is to develop the capacity to apply energetic sensitivity and awareness to community development and team building. Through exploring relationship dynamics and alchemy on the subtle and astral levels, we will create and maintain more effective containers for project management, conflict resolution, as well as community ceremony and co-creative magic.  While developing capacities in Guardianship, we learn to apply our awareness and service in effective Leadership.

♥ Discover the power of inner alchemy and practice integrative energy development techniques.
♣ Understand the dynamics of community development, elemental archetypes, and telepathy.
♦ Identify the patterns of trauma that create conflict and engage peaceful resolution technology.
♠ Engage your deepest gifts as a Leader and Guardian and apply them as a Planetary Healer.

The range of practices in this intensive span from advanced metaphysical techniques to very simple shifts in presence and direction to elicit immediate and noticeable changes both internally and externally. At the Heart of this cocreation, our intention is to bring forth the natural gifts of all attendees, and deepen our capacity for Love, healing, and awakening to our Core Purpose.

“The Guardian’s Spirit is that sword which pierces the veil, filling the cosmos. It refers to the vitality of actions, and the quality of inactions. The Guardian’s Spirit is not really a possession at all, but rather the force of the vital energy in which the totality of the Self mobilizes and takes its repose.”
-Light of the Kensai*

$111 Full-Day Admission Offering Requested

The Koi Temple
9535 N 63rd St
Longmont, CO 80503

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