Its not so simple, anymore
And yet it is, but in a sort of
Satorical Simplicity
The kind that strikes you
Moments after deep thought
When you’re sure you don’t know
The Answer…

I remember learning Magic
Finding the mind has tools
That weave space and time…
When the mere innocence of
Discovery…or Memory
Gave it power beyond measure

Its not so simple, anymore
And Magic is not Lost…
No, it runs our economy
Constructed our cities
Insures National Security
Encourages your vote
Increases your productivity
Entices buying what you need
And of course, what you don’t

Its been hundreds of years
Since our country began
Alchemically conditioning
Coins to react with our skin
Releasing Pheromones
And the smell of Blood

But since many of the “Magi”
Were burned for centuries
For knowing Herbology
And much less
This can’t be Magic
Or the work of Witches
Its science and psychology
Mathematics and politics

Well the curtain is drawn, OZ
And its about time the people
Began to recognize
They are Under a Spell.

But this is where we level up
I’m not here to throw up
Or blow up what you know
I don’t have to tell you
Or sell you what’s on the show

Yet there is a little more
I need to underscore
If we’re gonna make it through
With ship, crew, and stew

There are many kinds of Magic
One finds if they look hard enough
But it ain’t about the kind
Its in-twined in deeper stuff

1. Build your Chi
2. Raise your Force
3. Manifest,
4. Be Eternal Source…

One of these is not like the others
One of these just doesn’t belong
One of these is not like the others
Otherwise I wouldn’t be singin’
This song

“Let’s take a closer look…”

I build my Chi
I work it see
Just don’t cross me
Or I’ll Blast thee!!!

(darth vader)
Yes my son
Give in to your Anger
Let the Dark Side of the Force
Rage through you

(swing style)
Manifesting money
Manifesting love
Manifesting greed’oh
I can’t get enough

Be Eternal Source

You see something happens
When you fight Vampires

Yes, Real Vampires
You know the kind that basically
Suck the lifeforce out of someone
Until they don’t know
or much of anything

There are more than you think.

Have you ever been in an argument
And knew that no matter what you say
The other person is not going to change
Their mind?

That’s not Vampiric necessarily
By the way…
That’s stubborn.

But that’s also the age-old example
Of a stalemate between “Good and Evil”
How can Good win
Without destroying
If Evil is stubborn?

Did any of you see the movie
“Thank you for Smoking”?

Ah, but the answer lies within!

The whole point of the movie
…or one of them…anyway…
Is that the only way to win
An argument EVERY time
Is to transcend the argument

If you can get beyond the
This or that
Yes or no
Good or evil
Then you’re no longer
On an even playing field

Basically in Magical Terms
The difference between
Infinite Energy
Of Energy
(even a whole super massive mighty ancient powerful uber-googleplex amount of it)

Is Infinite.

The difference between
Infinite Energy
Of Energy
Is Infinite.

What’s funny about our whole
“Battle to Save the Planet”
Is that it is only a battle
For the losing sides
If you’re battling
You missed the point
Or you never got there

Anyone who needs to take
From anyone else
In any way
Obviously lacks a Conscious
Connection to an Infinite Source

So Magic?

I’m down with it…
But am I any good at it?
Only when it’s Infinite

And Then
Its Always
All Ways

A Gift.

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