Why do we fall?
Maybe we’ve stood too long
And miss the Heart
Of Rebirth

Nut Brown Ale lingers on my tongue
After a day…glorious and deafeningly quiet
Somewhere in the lines between work
Lethargy…and Peace

When you spend every day dedicated…
Driving from the beginning till the breaking
Maintaining the tightly tuned focus
Necessary for Global coordination

What do you do with a day for you?

Wanderlust or wander Lost
I ponder my past and dangle on the edge
Projects almost begun and work shunned
Constantly redelivering myself from myself

I’m sure this is how I felt in Heaven
And the millenia of inconcievable Blessings
Spent in the systems of the Galactic Council
After the last twenty-six thousand year turning

Will I ever be content with Eternal Balance
Or will I dive into the fires of Hell again
Wings outstretched and Sword Blazing
To meet the challenge and spark Transformation

I am also reminded of God Realization
Knowing in the space of Infinite Knowledge
Eternal Power and Consuming Bliss
That I will not choose to stay there…

I must go back, be Born Again
To weakness and limitation
Forging further my myriad Bodies
In the Art of Awakening Souls

Aggh, let me but jest at myself
And take another swig of me Ale
For tis a dance of the few in reckoning…
What sane Soul seeks a Hell to grow Heavens?

Well, there’s time yet to this Trial
And perhaps my Suit will change…
But today I complete another orbit of the Sun
And I still draw the King of Spades

Adam Apollo
White Overtone Wizard

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