Late one night on the beach in Hawaii I was contacted by two beings, one male and one female, who called themselves Alean and Alene (pronounced the same). They referenced their presence through brilliant flashes of the star Vega, though they made it clear that their system is not located there. Using Star-Linking, they showed me the general region within a partial cross of visible stars to use for a more accurate reference. I was shown a beautiful planet, terraformed and Earth-like, with many small villages and starports.

They seemed very surprised that I was receiving their communication, and were very curious about the capacity of other humans to communicate in this way at this time. I expressed simply through my mind that I felt that many were awakening to the ability, and most needed help in refining their translations, and they seemed to understand this well.

I asked them where they were from, and the answer was as complex as the question, I realized. Apparently they were reaching out to share this information specifically, regarding their history and origin.

They showed me flashes that were related to my own memories: being a slave on a volcanic moon, Reptilian robotic armies, and women of my species at that time, the Shihaelei, being tortured and raped by reptilians. Then they showed me labs where there were genetic experiments, and where some of the Shihaelei women were being impregnated by Reptilian/Shihaeleian hybrid fertilized eggs.

The women were in deep prayer, though they were afraid and in pain. They were calling on the Sacred Source to make these children bearers of peace, bringing forth all the light and goodness of each race in their genome. The Reptilians wanted to breed more slave warriors, using the agility and intelligence of the Shihaelei with their own fierce strength and stamina. Yet these Mothers were already training the children within their wombs to be free beings, awakened in body, mind, and spirit.

I began to understand why they were showing me all this, and Alene and Alean returned to my inner vision. Now I could partially see their forms, but I asked them what they looked like to have a clearer confirmation and projection of their Physical bodies. In response, I saw a being that had Oriental qualities of a Human, with Elven qualities like a Sirian, and ridges on their forehead like a Reptilian.

They even gave me a reference word to research that they said was already recognized on our Planet: Romulan. I couldn’t entirely remember details about that name, but I knew it was from Gene Roddenberry’s great body of work: Star Trek.

After this, they showed me glimpses of their uprising as youth, joining the forces of the Galactic Council (which was little more than a Rebel Alliance at this time) to bring down the Reptilian Empire from within. Then they showed me their roles as Guardians, and peaceful citizens of the Galactic Federation who generally keep to themselves.

I deeply thanked Alene and Alean, and promised that I would explore more, and connect with them again in the future. Before we closed our connection, they showed me one of my deep Sisters, and told me that it would was very important that I shared this information with her soon, as it would release some of her old Karma as one of their Mothers.

With immense honor and gratitude, I said goodnight, and watched as Vega pulsed brightly one last time that evening.

In later exploration, I saw that the Romulan beings in Star Trek look very much like the physical forms they showed me. [Memory Alpha – Star Trek Reference Wiki] This made me consider more deeply the other races Gene Roddenberry may have “channeled” into the Star Trek universe, and I immediately noticed the likenesses between the Vulcan and what I know of the Sirian species, as well as the obvious similarities between the Reptilians and Klingons.

Additionally, I came across the “Tuatha De Danann” in Wikipedia, a mysterious race of people in Irish Mythology, known also as the people of Danu. Notably, “they arrived in Ireland, on or about May 1 (the date of the festival of Beltaine), on dark clouds, although later versions rationalise this by saying they burned their ships to prevent retreat, and the ‘clouds’ were the smoke produced.” [Tuatha De Danann – Wikipedia]

Also, these people were said to have brought with them four sacred treasures (one for each element or suit, found in Tarot and other mythology): The Dagda’s Cauldron, the Spear of Lugh, the Stone of Fal, and the Sword of Light of Nuada. The Sword of Light in particular may possibly be correlated with Caliburn, the legendary sword more well known as Excalibur.

An initial assessment of this information has lead me to suspect that there is a connection between the people of Danu and the Tiara Danan, possibly as a group of Souls who also entered at the time of Atlantis. This group may have remained somewhat self-contained, but the few of my Soul family who feel connected to this have strong “Elven” memories from the time of Atlantis, so there is likely a Sirian link and relationship here also.

Clearly, more research and shared memory is needed to complete and confirm the story here.

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