The truth is, one doesn’t become a Hero and simply retire one day. One doesn’t become Enlightened and take the day off. In fact, I have experienced Oneness to the point that time simply stopped, and I laughed and God laughed, and we started time back up again. You see, the Hero’s journey is the same as it always has been, it is only that so few actually have had the experience of becoming a Hero, and so the story often suffers greatly in the translation.

So how do you become a Hero? Well, it starts the moment you recognize that you ARE one. What made Achilles different from every other warrior? He knew that everything he did was Perfect. God can’t make a mistake, so how could ANYTHING he did be a mistake? This is the art of the Magi. This is the Faith of the Hero. The journey, dear Family, is to test yourself at every opportunity, forging your Trust in your fathomless capability.

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