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:Remote Discovery Series I:

Divine Sex

divine sexExplore the nature of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, characteristics, and challenges. Discover new ways of working with your masculine creative force, growing in love through depth and direction, and channeling your presence in fulfilling and life-enhancing ways. Explore the flows of feminine radiance and beauty, deepening surrender in love, bliss, and opening to the fullness of the ocean of the Self. Learn techniques for managing the balance within you, in your work, play, creating alchemy in relationship, and having great sex. Principles and teachings of David Deida, Mantak Chia, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Barbara Ann Brennan, and others will be explored.

Divine Sex: Part 1 from Adam Apollo on Vimeo.

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Divine Sex Part II, and Magical Alchemy

In this session, we will explore the Divine Masculine and Feminine further, and apply these energy dynamics to magical applications. Learn how to use these energies internally to create charge through polarity, as well as dispel charge through surrendering emotinonally into the feminine or expanding awareness through the masculine. Go deeper into Yin and Yang, healing applications, and more.

Alchemical Magic Part 1 from Adam Apollo on Vimeo.

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Circulating Chi and Energy Practices

circulating chiLearn techniques for opening your greater heaven and lesser heaven circuits, opening and stimulating meridians, drawing energy up your spine, and using the breath to focus and move energy quickly or in subtle ways. Develop awareness around applying these techniques in multiple areas of life, work, play, and sex.

Circulating Chi Part 1 from Adam Apollo on Vimeo.

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Archetypes, Roles, and Embodiments

Explore different male and female archetypes and gateway passages, looking at the development phases of our human transformations and the many roles we can step into an play in relationship dynamics. Practice opening and expanding different parts of yourself to have more fulfilling experiences in certain situations, as well as come to understand your self more deeply. Discover the role of past-lives in self-discovery, and the ways you can embody your many selves in practical ways.

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