One of my earliest memories of Atlantis (around 15 years old) was remembering how to create a telepathic crystal light grid. We used a large central hexagonal pillar half-buried into the Earth, and surrounded it with smaller hexagonal shards.

Circles of people wearing robes of each color of the spectrum surrounded the crystals, each toning a sound in alignment with the color of the robes they were wearing. Five in the first (no orange robes), Six in the second (full color wheel), Seven in the third (one white robe), Twelve in the fourth (two sixes), Fifteen in the fifth (three fives with no orange), Eighteen in the sixth (three sixes), and Twenty-One in the seventh (three sevens with three white robes).

Each circle counter-rotated from the adjacent circles, and the full spectrum toning created a Harmonic layering that engaged the central Pillar with the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Immediately, its electrons began to jump field layers and it started to radiate light, along with all the other crystals near it. We then dispersed these smaller crystals, which continued to resonate light.

Then we set up a Sigil system using runestones that represented different locations (homes, temples, etc) where these crystals were kept. An individual would simply go over to the crystal (which was set into a plate with several slots), and select the Sigil-rune for the location he was contacting, then place it in one of the slots. That person would then focus their attention on the Sigil, and initiate a message.

The Crystal in the other location would flash (either physically or in someone’s mind who was at that location), signaling that someone was transmitting. The receiver would then look at their runestones; one of them would seem brighter than the others, and sometimes be brilliantly glowing. They would place that stone in a slot, which would send a confirmation pulse to the origin Crystal, and they would begin a conversation.

The Crystals and runestones would help them to confirm messages, signal the beginning and ending of transmissions, and allow easier recognition of the transmission sources.

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