As I cross through the threshold
Entering this shortest day
Passing this longest night
My mind travels through dimensions
Reflecting the myriad crystals of Eternity

Their beauty and perfection is Breathtaking
And the story of the greatest years on Earth
Resonates my Sacred Purpose inside me
For I know that the Time has come
That all Ages have long awaited

To be here in this Gift of Transformation
And stand for the Light of Life and Love
My eyes turned to the Spectral Stars
Greeting a Family I once bade farewell
Holding hands with Family I’ve found again

Can you feel the bridge that is open Now?
The Truth that resonates from this Gate?
Prophecy is fulfilled and Love is Growing
Like a tide that no breaking wall can stem
And we all remember we knew this was coming

Not as a storm of death and destruction
Not as a cataclysm of loss and forgetfulness
This change is coming sure and sweet and True
As the sudden rainbows of flowers in Spring
As a flash of Satori that will thunder for a Millennium

So brush off your canvas and clear your crystals
Repair your cloak and finest magic robes
Stretch and strengthen those beautiful muscles
Let dance your Body and Spirit and Soul
Let stream the flow of your Mind and your Heart

Take up those tasks that you’ve been awaiting
Lay down those weights you’ve been carrying
Remember that you are a gift to this World
And its time that you shared it with Everyone
Including your Self

This is your Wealth
This is your Glory
Step out of the Cave
And write your True Story

Blessed Solstice
My Dear Family


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