Wormhole: 6 Dimensional Position
5 Dimensional Spacetime
Octakaidecagon: Bilocational Symmetry
Spacetime Interdimensional Electromagnetism
Microcosm: Cell Nuclei
Biocosm: Unified Bodies
Metacosm: Planetary Body – Gaia
Macrocosm: Universe
Universal System

Self – 1.

All Changes in Time – 8.

At last, the Self is able to see all changes in Time outside the Self, and most importantly, in Others. The perception of Time passing in the Other gives birth to the full awareness of the vibrational journey of experience in Time.

This is also where the Trinity of the 6 is unlocked, and the complete awareness of the Invididual Emotional Field (6), the Other’s Emotional Field (6), and the Combined Emotional Field (6) can be experienced simultaneously (6+6+6=18). Through developed experience of this level, the Self begins to more clearly access and distinguish the feelings of the Self from those of the Other, and the experience of Telepathy and Empathy become very common.

The Third-Eye Chakra also completes the dual Harmonic of 9, and each of these Infinite Gates open to awareness of the Divine Source. As the Two Lotus Petals, one of the 9s is the Infinite Yin, while the other 9 is the Infinite Yang. These Two fields of awareness can become any permutation of the Two, from Self to Other, Light to Dark, and all other possible Dualities.

In its most exalted state, the Third-Eye Chakra’s vibrational field is unified (1+8=9), and the Union of the Dual becomes apparent. Each stage of this process of this Chakra’s development mirrors a Spiritual Stage of Maturity, and these lessons are fundamental to the Spiritual experience in itself.

Microcosm: Chromosomes collectively form the Cell Nucleus in each Cell. The Cell Nucleus at this stage can be seen as the Unified Collective of all information stored by an individual Body, including the information exchanged through Relationships. Each Cell type is determined by the impulses of the Cell Nucleus, as the Universal guidance system for the development and evolution of the entire Body.

Biocosm: Organ Systems collectively come together to form the Body, the Unified Collective of all our different information structures and exchanges that allow us to operate as a single being. Differences in our Organ Systems directly relate to differences in our appearance and capacities, from our size to strength to constitution. The Body itself is the Universe of our Individual experience, emergent from our collective ancestry and environmental exchanges.

Metacosm: All the Languages and Cultures collectively come together to form our Planetary Consciousness, literally the interface between our individual nature as a species and our Unified nature as the Earth itself. At this stage, Earth is seen as Gaia, a Unified Collective of individuals and relationships forming a single whole.

Macrocosm: All the Galactic Clusters and Superclusters collectively form the Universe, the Unified Collective of all individual star systems and galactic relationships. This is the whole of our Macrocosmic being, and the extent of our individual capacity to recognize our collective conception.

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