One of our most potent gifts in working with any of the realms is to understand the Trinity. When we are working with Spirits, or with other people, we must remember that every interaction and relationship is based on three primary fields of awareness.

1. Self (our own Self-Awareness and reflection)
2. Other (any other Being or Consciousness we perceive as distinct from our own)
3. Divine (the Infinite Eternal Mystery of all possible interactions)

This Trinity actually becomes a tool for conscious engagement when we remember that any interaction involves all three fields of awareness. If we are faced with another Being or Entity with whom we are experiencing conflict, we can bring the awareness of the Trinity to that being by simply seeing a Triangle of Pure Light (often Golden, White, or Silver) surround that being in a circle around them. This act calls in awareness of the Trinity, which forces the other being to suddenly be aware of themselves, of you, and of the Divine purpose of your meeting.

It is very difficult to stay in a state of conflict or opposition when the Divine perspective touches an interaction. The Infinite Eternal Mystery of all possibilities reveals that there is a Purpose for all interactions, and that purpose eventually resolves in Love. Awareness of the Self, Other, and the Divine at the same time, can cause any individual to suddenly become self-conscious, self-less, and engage their Higher-Self all at once.

I’ve actively used this simple technique to end fights in the physical world, as well as face very dark spirits in other realms.

To be fully successful, one must first practice engaging the Divine Perspective on your own, and take the time to really feel what it feels like to be IN the Trinity yourself. After some time, proficiency will emerge, and you will understand more deeply how to use this technique with others with whom you wish to create greater harmony.

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