Women are stepping into the full beauty of their Divine Feminine radiance, learning to surrender and deepen their core capacity for Love. Through reconnecting with their Moon Cycles, embodying pure energy and life-force, and accessing the Sacred Archetypes of the Goddess, women in this time can become masters at transforming spaces and vibrations with the nectar of pure embodied bliss. Key lessons include learning to release, allowing the full spectrum of energy to course through your body as a Divine Channel, and maintaining a state of being grounded and centered in your body and heart.

Men are currently being called to expand far beyond the old male archetypes. In these times of great change, we must be able to shift and adapt to constant shifts in masculine and feminine polarity in our relationships, work, and play. Through embodiment of the Divine aspects of the Masculine, while engaging and supporting the Divine Feminine both within us and in our loved ones, we are learning to step forward and co-create the template of the New Man, full of gentle strength and expansive awareness.

In this workshop, we will explore some of the core relationship dynamics between the masculine and feminine, including Men who need to step into their Feminine essence (or return from it), and Women who are stepping into their Divine Masculine to fulfill purpose or work in the world, and how these shifts affect our relationships with each other. We will cover the Alchemy of Sexuality, and the beautiful ways we can cocreate through deepening our experience and expressions of Love and Presence. At the heart of this session, we will play with the embodied archetypes of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and learn to open ourselves more fully, making-love to every moment of our lives.

::: Location :::

Sonic Bloom Festival
Bellevue, CO

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