Of all my extraterrestiral experiences, those with the Sirian planetary system and species formed my foundation, and provided the initiations necessary for me to work with the Star Families more deeply and directly. I now know that this is primarily due to the fact that I arrived on Earth from this nearby star system, around 13,000 years ago during the time of Atlantis, along with many other individuals from the diverse range of planetary systems listed on this site. I’ve included background information about this in the Orientation links below, so please explore them in depth.

It is nearly impossible to summarize any species in a few paragraphs, but fortunately the Sirians have been described in immense depth and detail by a famous author that most people immediately recognize. His stories contain keys to their language, beliefs, customs, and even indirectly point to their planetary origins. In fact, most people know the culture of the Sirians almost as well as they know human culture, or are deeply mystified and intrigued by it, feeling a deep resonance that can only be described as a “longing for home.”

In the “Lord of the Rings” series by JRR Tolkien, the Elves are said to come from a distant place “across the great sea,” from a “land of eternal sun.” They adapted to this endless sunlight by building their homes into the forests; cities laden amongst the canopies of massive trees. These trees were so large that the forest floor was often as dark as twilight, and so the Elves would often create their homes in the sunspackled golden boughs high above the ground. Of course if you had two suns, as in the case of the Sirian planetary system, such trees would offer more than homes; they would be revered and honored as the protectors and guardians of all life.

Since Tolkien’s novels (which were inspired by the “discovery” of the Elven language according to him), others have recorded many of the different layers of the complex Elven cultures, and those of us from the Sirian star system have recognized these stories as our own. These works are important, because unlike many previous distortions, they describe Elves properly as tall human-like beings full of magic, beauty, and grace.

We are the people of the Twin Suns, pointed ears perked to the planet’s song, almond eyes slanted to catch the colors that interweave the stars, lithe bodies shaped to dance between the branches of Sacred Trees. Our pale skins love the cool breezes of the forest floor, and the trees that have seen Ages pass fill us with reverence until we overflow with tears. We sing to the animals and plants, we play in our dreams, and we know the deep importance and purpose of planetary transformation on Earth. May Gaia’s Chakras be symphonies of the geometries of Light!

First Contact – My first experience with the Sirius System, and the beginning of my quest to fully understand my extraterrestrial relationship.

Journey to Earth – The awakening of an ancient memory of my journey to Earth, and the revelations that deepened my understanding of the Age of Atlantis.

The Ambassador – My first known physical encounter with an extraterrestrial being, and my re-initiation as an Ambassador to the Galactic Council.

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