My second journey to the Sirian System didn’t come until many years later, on a night when I would begin a true exploration of my own Galactic origins.  On this fated night, I would meet my father from the Age of Atlantis in person, and work through deep and painful karma with him in relation to my mother from that Age.  In the wake of this torrential healing and clearing work, it was as if a massive dam blocking the energy of my past had been released, and massive amounts of energy suddenly poured into me.  I was swept into a journey through my past-lives by this wave, using the momentum of trust, acceptance, and forgiveness that I had built up in the healing process to clear sanskaras and karmic entanglements in a series of eight life-times following the Age of Atlantis.  Each of the major clearings were related in subtle ways to the original sanskaric knot I had developed in Atlantis, and many of them were also related to an ongoing relationship with another Soul whom I had been traveling with through all of these lives.

The roles often shifted, but as each of these clearings were completed, the many lessons and opportunities my Soul partner and I had given each other became more and more illuminated.  Finally, when I came into the present again in my consciousness, I found her fully present with me in her dream body.  Although she was a thousand miles away, she was very much aware of me, and what we had just processed with each other.  In my physical form, out in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night, I began to run with her.  Running with me in her dream, we finally slowed and came to a stop, suddenly finding ourselves transported to another place entirely.  I sat down, and was aware of a smooth floor with inlaid metal geometries.  She sat down directly across from me, under a dome ceiling through which the stars could be seen. 

Immediately recognizing this place, it also began to dawn on me what we were doing.  There were two vertical pillars of light floating between us, with each color in the spectrum highlighted in a certain position along the pillar, much like a spectrometer reading from a star or chemical.  I knew that one of these pillars represented her energy body, and the other was mine, with the exact frequency of each of our chakras being displayed as a color line in the pillars.  We were weaving these two pillars together, pulling the colors from each of the pillars into an energy form in the center that looked very much like DNA.  I knew that we were creating a Soul-Bond, and that we were doing this so that we could leave our current physical bodies, and our Souls could travel to Earth.  This Soul-Bond would enable us to constantly feel an attraction to each other, so that we could find each other wherever we incarnated on this new planet, and help to trigger each other’s memories of who we were before we made the Interplanetary journey. 

As my awareness bridged back to the present, sitting on the Desert floor, I also knew in that moment that this was our opportunity to unweave this Bond, and complete the circle we had traversed for over 13,000 years.  Immediately, and in perfect sync, we began to unweave the fields again, bringing all the information in the DNA light-pillar back into our independent chakric pillars.  It was completed quickly, with her and I working in perfect union, and as soon as it was done, we chanted to each other to finish bringing the magic into the present.  “I Free You… I Free You… I Free You…” We called out each other’s names with the chant of freedom, knowing that this was the final gift we had been working for so long to give each other.

Then, in an instant, it was done, and a blinding flash of energy surged through my whole body, roaring with images of being a priestess, geisha, bellydancer, princess, wisdom, queen, medicine woman, and more.  I felt as though the entire archetype of Woman poured through me in a split second, and I knew that this was a gift of having shared so many lives with each other, each holding one polarity of male or female through all of these time periods.  I had been a male so long, to suddenly be filled with this deep feminine awareness and memory was both startling and exhilarating.  As her dream body responded to the massive energy influx in masculine form, I knew she was going to wake up, and said farewell, feeling a surge of love and respect for this incredible Soul that I had made this long journey with.  A moment later, she was gone, and I found myself standing in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night, more complete as a Soul and Being than I had ever felt…ever.

In that moment, I also knew why I had made the journey to Earth.  I had come as part of a family of Souls who were dedicated to helping the human population make its transition from being a Planetary species to a Galactic species.  This family of Souls were primarily Sirian, Pleiadian, and Arcturian, at least in their most recent lifetimes, as these species were able to integrate their “Spirit Genome” into the human body’s genetic system much more easily.  Our body types, needs, and physical senses were also some of the most similar of the species in the Galactic Council that were interested in making this offering to Earth.

So much information was immediately available to me in that moment, systematically filling in huge gaps of data in my memories of Atlantis and of being Sirian.  Also, my understanding of the variety of Extraterrestrial experiences humans have had for millenia began to become more clear.  It was suddenly obvious why all my memories of Atlantis and those of so many others in my Soul family are of an “Elven” race.  I had always known that my body-type in Atlantis had been almost exactly like that of the Elven race described in J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings. So many of his descriptions of cities in the forest seemed overwhelmingly familiar to me, and to many of my friends. 

My memories of that Age do not begin in a city, but in a forest with super-massive trees and areas of canopies of leaves so high and dense that the forest floor resides in endless twilight.  I remember arts that integrate with the living species of the Earth: songs that cause branches to grow in certain patterns, symbols that help flowers to bloom, and a protective people full of pride, and stubbornness.  Children of the Stars, and descendants of those travelers to Earth, many of whom had already forgotten their home world.  Many strict traditions were in place, keeping tight guidelines around the passing of bloodlines and requiring very intentional conception of new children.  Some held the knowledge of why these traditions were held in place, while others followed simply for the sake of tradition, and still others fought to change these principles and patterns.  The people of the Sirian Star System had been coming to Earth in this way for quite some time, and some genetic sciences had become lost in laws; the original Spiritual purposes often forgotten. 

As Elven humans, our people found forests similar to those on our planet in the Sirian Star System, and were able to create a living environment very similar to that of our home world.  Not all of us lived in the forests, and just as I eventually left and traveled to the City of Atlantis, so many others also traveled to, and were born within, other places on the Earth.  Similarly, the other species of the Galactic Council who had Soul groups traveling to Earth tended to find places similar to their own planets to raise their youth and learn about the distinctions of this planet.

I will not hesitate to underscore the challenges involved in integrating and re-establishing memories of living in another body on another world.  Even with direct education regarding reincarnation and Soul travel, actually opening to memories is more of a matter of Spiritual maturity, and Soul preparation.  Additionally, as almost no direct physical contact between Galactic Species in spacecraft and life-forms on Earth was allowed during this period of development, most of the information about a group’s true origins and home planet had to be passed from generation to generation in story form or historical records from those who were able to remember.  Among the Sirians, this information was considered to be sensitive and kept secret from most individuals, but self-awakening and individual Soul memory integration was encouraged.

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