In my first experience of the Sirian system landscape, I was in a dream.  I was walking towards a large building, part of an educational institution of some sort.  As I walked, each footstep became lighter upon the ground, until suddenly, I realized that I could simply leap forward and fly.  Jumping into the air, I flew toward the building, then turned upward, shooting into the sky at blinding speeds.  I left the atmosphere, and found myself heading towards the constellation of the Big Dipper.  On instinct, I headed toward the last star at the end of the handle of the dipper, and noticed that there were actually three stars that I was going to fly between, two others that were not part of the constellation.  As I passed between the three stars, I felt as though I just crossed through some sort of liquid membrane or surface, and everything suddenly accelerated dramatically.  Like a shooting star, I was propelled through a set of three stars including the center star of the dipper’s handle, then three more where the handle meets the scoop.  The four stars of the scoop appeared at an angle as I approached, becoming a sort of holographic surface that enveloped my consciousness, streaking through space.

Everything rotated around me, and the stars blurred and rearranged themselves in slightly different positions, and I found myself floating near the orbit of a planet and its moon.  I could see each with perfect clarity, and many small glyphs that I instinctively understood flashed through my vision, indicating temperature, atmospheric density, elemental composition, and other reference information regarding the planet and the moon.  As I approached the planet at high speeds, I noted that there were two nearby suns, one larger that the planet orbited around, the other smaller and in orbit also. 

An instant later, I entered the atmosphere of a very earth-like planet, noting large bodies of water, expansive forests, and mountains.  My destination was a grassy valley, where I found myself landing on a series of small dirt paths through tall green grasses.  Just down the hill from my landing position, I saw a small building that looked like a massive nautilus shell on its side.  On the other side of the valley, also downhill from my position, was a large disc-shaped observatory, shimmering with metal plating and external machinery on the vertical walls, with a gently-sloping dome roof.  The roof had the color of graphite, and gave off subtle rainbow refractions, like those on an oily surface.

I traveled to the small building first, which I knew was a house.  As I entered the round, bulbous door, my vision seemed to be rearranging pieces of my memories and mental imagery to form the correct appearance for the objects in the space.  Like a collage being formed at hyperspeed, my vision quickly resolved a beautiful stained-glass window pouring multicolored warm light into a comfortable curved cottage.  Along with the clarity of sight, a powerful certainty of feeling came over me, and I knew that this place was my home.  Glancing around at complicated crystal structures on shelves, golden goblets on a table, and the soft colorful blankets on a bed further into the curvature of the nautilus, deep relief seemed to overwhelm my emotions.

A spark of something else entered my memory, and I ran outside and flew to the observatory.  Entering a sliding geometric door, I came into a space of stunning beauty.  The dark polished floor was inlaid with smoothly curving geometry in pentagonal phi-spirals.  Other radial lines in the same metal inlays aligned specific points and created complicated hexagonal and heptagonal crystal structures around the outer edges of the room.  Stairs left the floor along one wall, leading up to a thin balcony that followed the curve of the building.  As soon as my eyes drifted to the ceiling, I found that the dome was formed of geometric plates, and the plate I was currently looking at had become transparent to the stars.  The material of the ceiling blocked out the endless sunlight of the brother suns and all of the atmospheric refraction of the brilliant blue skies outside to give a perfectly clear view of the celestial bodies outside the atmosphere.

I walked through the space in awe, observing the many constellations visible in each of the ceiling plates, and had a strange sense that someone else should have been there with me.  I knew that I could not stay long, and left the building shortly after.  I walked back up one of the dirt paths toward my landing position, where I could see a tree-line further up the path that entered a dense forest.  I looked up at the sky, prepared to depart, and then something caught my eye.  Quickly looking back down the path, I saw a being radiating brilliant yellow and orange light that seemed to be dancing.  I had the feeling she was smiling at me, and everything suddenly became very bright.  A moment later stars were whirling through my vision, and I sat up in bed.

It took me a few days to realize that the place that I saw must have been in the Sirian Star System, after catching part of a random article about the Dogon Tribe during some online research.  It immediately felt right, but my logical mind was a bit skeptical, as I had no idea how I could be from another star system, and had not established enough data to make conclusive decisions about Extraterrestrials in general. 

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