Phi Implosion: 7 Dimensional Position
6 Dimensional Spacetime

Icosakaihenagon: Locational Transcendence
Spacetime Interdimensional Singularity

Microcosm: All Possible Cells

Duality – Time – 2.

Unity – Self – 1.

As the Stargate of the 20 Collapses, the Self emerges from the Zero-Point again, as the One emerges from Nothing. In this state of resonance, a bridge is constantly held open, a Singularity where the 2 of Time and Duality are constantly present, as a direct engagement with both the Divine Source and the unfolding of All Things.

Here the Trinity of the Mental Harmonic is fulfilled (7+7+7=21) and the Akashic Knowledge of the Individual, Collective, and Divine Mind is Present. Direct channelling of the Sacred Knowledge of Existence occurs through this field being open and flowing. Through development, distinction can be made between precise fields and patterns of the Mind and Thought in the Self, Others, and the Source.

Inherent in the Crown Chakra’s awakening is the reunification of the 21 becoming the Trinity once more (2+1=3). This occurance, and the natural presence of the White Source Light in each of the Three Cycles of the Color Spectrum in this vibrational structure, allows for a direct communion and awareness of each facet of the Divine Trinity in its full depth.

Microcosm: Cell Nuclei are the heart of Cells, which are in turn the manifestation of the individual and collective Singularity that bridges the Microcosmic world to all the forms of the Biocosmic World. At this stage, we see the Cell as the basic form of Life that can form all forms of Life, and all the following structures that enable Life to Evolve in the Mystery of All that Is.

Biocosm: Our Bodies are the heart of our Consciousness, which in itself is the Singularity which connects all Bodies and allows us to bridge our Biocosmic level to the Metacosmic level and our totality of Relationship with All Things. At this stage, we recognize the Energy of the Body and our Emotions as part of the Infinite Mystery that weaves between all things in Existence and enables us to experience that Mystery for All that It Is.

Metacosm: Our Planetary Body, the Earth, is the heart of our Interplanetary Relationships which are in turn the Singularity of our individual and collective interaction and the bridge to our Macrocosmic Relationships. At this stage, we recognize the Interplanetary Energy of the Earth as part of an endless tapestry of Energetic Communion with all other Star Systems and the entire Universe. This is again, a Mystery in Itself, and can only be experienced through the surrender of the conceptual idea of what our Planet is to the Eternal Presence of All that our Planet Is.

Macrocosm: The Universe is the heart of a Mystery, a larger story that we may not be able to see or taste or touch with our physical instruments, but which we cannot deny may be part of an Infinitely larger existence. The Mystery is the Singularity that bridges all that we know to all of the Unknown, and at this level we recognize the limited conception of our entire existence in Spacetime, and allow the Eternal Mystery of All that Is to be Present for our Discovery.

Biocosm: All Possible Bodies of Energy
Metacosm: All Possible Interplanetary Relationships
Macrocosm: Eternal Mystery
Divine System
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