My first experience of the Shihaelei was a mysterious download of a Galactic Guardian Sigil, which I was told would enable me to reveal more of my past. Eventually, these memories surfaced, and came with a firestorm of transformation in my life. I will provide full details on my memories as a Shihaeleian soon.

They have been extremely challenging to face, and very complex, but with the help of several brothers and sisters who have the same memories, I’ve been able to clarify and confirm a great deal of my knowledge from this time. These memories involve a great deal of root information about the Draconian Species, which is essential in this time of Planetary Transformation. Until I release this download, I will once again give a glimpse into the planets and culture of this beautiful species.

A brief introduction:

The Art of Movement and expression is the Heart of the Shihaeleian species culture. From dynamic Martial Arts (that can stretch the rules of Space-Time) to Circus arts, acrobatics, and elaborate performances, the Shihaelei are a species whose existence revolves around the balance of work and play.

They have two primary planets, one a diverse world similar to Earth, and the other is a bone-white desert planet. This planet has white mountains that rise sharply out of the desert ground, and it is in these mountains that the Shihaelei carve their cities.

Long ago, the Shihaelei dedicated themselves as Guardians to the Galactic Council, and so many individuals spend much of their early lives training in preparation for this Sacred Service. Some Souls (including myself) who traveled to other Planetary Systems still hold this Oath, acting as Guardians in whatever realms we may incarnate, and often fulfilling our Sacred Mission of restablishing Galactic Harmony.

Here were the first Samurai, the first Jedi, the people forged in the fire of destruction and slavery, ravaged by the Draconians, and awakened through their battle for Freedom and Justice.

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