Deeply luscious inner drops
Melting seams to streams of Bliss
A Heart unfolding sacred Kiss
That beckons me into This

Such a Wine to intertwine
My Soul with Love Divine
Whole Presence
In Resonance of Kind

We Rhythmic star Voyagers
Moon sailors Anti-Whalers
Honored Earth Guardians Here
Standing without fear in the Mirror

Dancing in and in We Spin
Moving past the Interrim
Coalescing through Vortices of Skin
Past Minefields of Sin

For Within, We Know a Way
To make-Love through Breath
Deeper than Death I Dive In Two
You and I Becoming One True

Anew is the Language of Us
Delicate tongue tips Shaping
Between Lips and Hips
Bodymind Communion Divined

But let me not Intergress
As Passion steps and Kundalini
Winds in my Spine
Clearing any minor Mess

For these Words are Flow
As High Above and Deep Below
As Fine as the Crystals of Snow
Reminding Us Where to Go

To get There?

Only You Know

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